Cleaning Those Forgotten Spaces Around Your Home

Cleaning Those Forgotten SpacesSpring cleaning is in full force and many of you are getting every little nook and cranny in your home clean! But sometimes we miss cleaning those forgotten spaces around our home. So dirt, dust and bacteria build up around the house in areas that are overlooked.  Getting these areas are easy but most of us forget about them. Here are some of those forgotten spaces that you can get after this weekend. 

Clean your trash bins 

Now when we say clean your trash bins, we mean your interior and your exterior trash bins. Gather your trash bins in your bathrooms, your kitchen and other areas around your home. Then remove all the trash and put it in bags, then wash or wipe down the bins. We use simple dish soap and water to clean our bins and then rinse them out and let them dry. Once these bins are dry, replace with bags and put them back in their locations.

Now the same is true of our outdoor bins. You may have trash bins that store your trash prior to your trash removal company picking up weekly. Immediately after you trash removal company has picked up your trash, spend some time and using your outdoor hose, rinse your bins. It is easy to do this when the bins are on their side, especially if they are fairly big. Using dish soap with your garden hose to rinse your outdoor cans is also a good idea. Rinse your cans, empty them of any water and then let them dry. Once they are dry, put them back in their designated area.

Dust your light fixtures

It’s okay to admit it, we all forget our light fixtures. Simply take a rag and wipe down your light fixtures and gently wipe your bulbs. You can also use a Swifter duster. It is easier to wipe these lights when the lights are off.

Wipe your switch plates

Your light switch plates are constantly being used and fingers are switching lights on and off. Fingers carry germs and oils that are leave behinds on your switch plates. So use disinfectant and a cloth to gently wipe each of your switch plate around your home.

Wipe the inside of your medicine cabinets

Our medicine cabinets are full of ointments, hair products, perfumes, lotions, makeup and more. We often miss the opportunity to remove everything from our medicine cabinets and then wipe down the inside of the cabinets. It is good to use disinfectant or a cleaner to wipe down the insides of the medicine cabinet. Remember to wipe down the wall or back and sides of the medicine cabinet that builds up of these products. Once you have thoroughly wipe down the insides of your medicine cabinet, then wipe down the items that belong in the cabinet. Now its time to put everything back into the medicine cabinet.

We hope these simple areas are no longer forgotten and you get a good deep clean that removes dust, dirt and bacteria.