How to Have Outdoor Fun with your Tax Refund

tax refundSo you received some money back from the IRS. WooHoo! This is fantastic. You know you can take that money and pay down your credit card or book that trip to Maui. But you can also use that tax refund to have some fun right in your very own back yard. 

Updating Your Deck

You know you love to throw parties and get togethers, so why not do a little refreshing or updating work to your deck. You can easily reseal your deck on your own and pay for the materials with your tax refund. Leaving a little bit left over to have a fun smokin’ BBQ with your family and friends. Or you can bring in a professional, get the work done quickly and sit back relax and read that hot summer book you have been waiting to get your hands on.

Adding a Pool

Maybe your family absolutely loves Michael Phelps and you were inspired to pick up swimming. So you have enough money to get that in ground pool added to your backyard. This project is bigger and takes longer than updating a deck. But once your pool is in, you now have it to use moving forward. You will need to regularly schedule maintenance on your pool and care for it by sweeping and brushing the pool areas. If you have kids and family that like to swim, a pool is definitely a fun filled summer project. Remember pool safety.

Add a Vegetable Garden

For the cooks and canners in your home, a garden is a treat to have in your very own backyard. You can add herbs and vegetables to make new culinary creations. Try new fruit trees to create your very own limencello. Remembering a trip you made to Sorrento, Italy so many years ago. Or you are on a health food kick and you want to take part in keeping your entire family healthy and fit. Adding a vegetable garden is a great project to get you outside every day for some sun.

Outdoor Furniture

Using your tax refund to invest in some great outdoor furniture will keep the party going. Who doesn’t like sitting comfortably outside after a hard day at work? You can grab your favorite cocktail or reading material and just live in the peace and quiet of your backyard. Or sit on your deck in an urban environment and watch all the passersby hang out. Having a place to sit in your backyard oasis will help you have a fantastic summer time experience that you can share with your family and friends.

There are some many fun time additions or backyard fun that you can add to your home with a little help from the IRS.