10 Ways to Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace MantelYour fireplace may have a mantel that can add some character to a room. Your family may use your mantel for different tasks. Let’s take a look at how your fireplace mantel can be used and how to make it stand out. There are so many different ways you can decorate your mantel. 

Your Viewing Pleasure 

With televisions being so thin and the ability to mount them, we can now use the space above our mantel as a place to hang the television. The television can be open and exposed in the room for easy access and a focused purpose. Or it can be store in a cabinet above your fireplace to create an elegant look. Your mantel many have remotes and other items that are required for the operation of the television. But there is no need to not place them in a beautiful box that can enhance your room and mantel.

Make a Room Bigger

Mirrors are a great ways to make a room appear bigger. By hanging a mirror on the wall above the fireplace or leaning the mirror on the mantel itself, you will find that this mirror can help add depth to a room. Simply adding a few candlesticks or a favorite statue can add a soft element to the mantel.

Keeping Balance

Some of us like a clean balance to our decorating styles. Adding sconces or lanterns to the mantel one either side will create a specifically traditional and balanced look to the room. The same holds true with using similar vases on either side of your mantel. Any time you can create a balanced look, you will have similar shaped items or the exact same items on the mantel.

Highlight that Special Piece

For the art collectors, we suggest you use a mantel to hold a beautiful piece of art. Walls above a fireplace are big and spacious areas that will showcase your favorite art piece. In this case, be careful that you care for your fireplace and get it cleaned regularly to avoid any damage to your prized collection.

Showcase Your Family

A great way to showcase your family or your ancestors is to use your mantel as a place to keep framed photographs. If you have old photos you can create a memory lane that sparks conversations. Or brings back memories of times past. Photos are a fantastic way to highlight your family while also creating a personal and authentic style to your home.

Keep Time

An over sized wall clock can go a long way over a mantel. Telling time when wandering around a house can be challenging unless you are constantly looking at a watch or phone. But with a clock to help everyone stay on time, you can keep a central focus on promptness.

Get Natural

As hikers or beach goers, we collect driftwood, branches and shells that can easily bring a natural feel to a room. If you are not a nature lover but love the look of natural pieces, you can find these at local stores that you can showcase on your mantel for simple look that can relax guests.

Children’s Contributions

Have your children ever come home with this adorable home made gifts that you just do not know what to do with them? Try adding them to frames or showcase boxes so that they can be on display for everyone to see. These are often proud moments that make front in center instead of storing them in a box that may not be open for some time.

Add Plants 

Potted plants are a fabulous way to decorate a fireplace mantel. These can be used to add color to your mantel and room in addition to good oxygen from the plants.

A Holiday Affair

There are so many holidays throughout the year. From New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, July 4, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to St Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Persian New Year and other cultural events. You could be decorating your mantel differently each month to create a new look regularly. This a bit more work, but certainly one that is full of celebration.

Have fun getting your mantels decorated!