The Best Types of Furniture For Your Patio

furniture for your patioHaving a patio is perhaps one of the more rewarding aspects of being a home owner. When you build a patio, you will have an area that will serve as an extension of your home. It is also a place where you can dine with your family, entertain visitors or just plain relax with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. And all this you can do in the open air, as you enjoy the morning sun or the cool night breeze.

To fully enjoy your patio, you need to outfit it with furniture that would complement it best. Do this right, and your patio will become the most popular spot in your entire home. So what are the best types of furniture for your patio?

Factors to consider

Not all patios are created equal. Some patios are spacious, while other patios have very limited space. One patio could be perpetually sun-drenched, while another could always be on the path of stronger-than-usual winds.


If your patio is, say, 16 feet by 16 feet, then you have a comfortable area with enough room to accommodate multiple seating options and a spacious table. This area is intended as an outdoor dining space. If your roomy patio is meant to entertain guests or as a second family room, a wicker sofa stocked with plenty of cushions will make it an incredibly cozy spot. You can even squeeze in a fire pit or a fountain if you like.

Conversely, small patios naturally call for similarly-sized furniture. A small 2-seat cushioned wood bench is perfect for smaller patios. Even better would be benches, chairs and tables that are foldable to save more space.


We all love soaking in the sun in the comfort of our patio. That is, until we get a nasty sunburn, and we then regret ever having built a patio in the first place. However, no regrets should ever have to arise if we outfit our sunny outside living spaces with shade-providing fixtures like large UV-protected umbrellas, a canopy or a gazebo. With these shade option on the patio along with the aluminum lounge chairs or low-maintenance steel sets, you can stay on your patio all day and be fine.

If you live in an area where powerful wind gusts are an everyday occurrence, it would be a smart idea to furnish your patio with heavier-than-usual furniture. Light patio furniture like aluminum chairs and tables could get blown away. A wrought iron sofa set should be perfect for high wind areas. It would probably take a Category 5 hurricane to blow these heavy and sturdy pieces of furniture away.


Of course, how you outfit your patio will depend heavily on your budget. If money isn’t an issue, then you can buy any type of suitable patio furniture that tickles your fancy. However, if funds are limited, opt for more affordable patio furniture made of plastic, polymer, and resin. They are inexpensive and low maintenance, but they go a long way, especially when it comes to aesthetics. For one thing, they come in a variety of colors. For another, they can even be made to resemble other, more expensive materials like wood and wicker.

Outfit your patio with the right furniture, and your outdoor living space will remain inviting for the foreseeable future.

About Thomas A. Barnhart: Thomas A Barnhart is a freelance writer and an amateur carpenter with an obsession for outdoor living spaces like patios and decks. When not writing about home improvement ideas and other construction and design-related topics, he fills his time with personal projects that put his carpentry skills to the test.