7 Things to Prepare Before You Host an Outdoor BBQ

Host an Outdoor BBQ

Summer is definitely the time to get outside and bring friends and family together. It is a time for hiking, boating, golfing and so much more. This time of year gets us outside grilling away for healthier eating. We wanted to help you get prepared in case you decide to invite family and friends over to celebrate summer with you. These seven tips will help you prepare before you host an outdoor BBQ. Being prepared for any fun in your backyard might find you throwing a couple of BBQ parties.  

Clean your Grill

We sometimes forget to do a good scrubbing of our grill after our last season of grilling. Before the party gets started, it is a great time to get that grill cleaned and ready to go.

After all, a great party with good eats can make anyone happy.

Uncover, Get out and Clean your Patio Furniture

Everyone will need a place to sit and eat their food. So bringing out your patio furniture from wherever it is stored will be important. Maybe your furniture is already outside and all you need is to uncover it. Now is the time to uncover and pull out that furniture. Give a good rinse or wipe down to remove dust or dirt that has built up during the winter months.

Now you have some places for everyone to sit in order to eat their delicious food.

Clean and Treat Your Pool

If you have a pool, it is a great time to open it, clean it and treat it if necessary. Cleaning a pool with skimmer and a brush for the tiles is a great helpful task that kids can help with to get the party going. They will have your pool sparkling and without bugs and leaves floating around.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes are pesky little bugs. They bite and cause itchy skin and now they can cause other problems. Keeping these critters away can help your guests have a great time during your BBQ. Use citronella candles or tiki torches with citronella oil to keep mosquitoes away. If you are not hosting a night time gathering and would rather use a different solution to keep mosquitoes away, try planting these plants that will keep mosquitos away.

Outdoor Fans and Misters

Adding outdoor fans to an area either overhead or stand alone can help keep away the bugs and also keep guest cool. If you have mister technology or would like stand alone misters, you can also keep guest cool. If you do not have misters, a jump in the pool will suffice.

Outdoor Games

Conversations are good to keep people close and entertained. However, others might find some games will keep the activity going. Pool games and floats are great for the pool goers. Adding croquet, horseshoes or frisbee golf to a lawn area will make for some fun. Try adding cornholes or having a basketball on hand for those of you with a basketball hoop. Bubbles and colored chalk is fun for the youngsters. Keeping jars with holes punched in the top metal lid are great for catching lighting bugs or fireflies.

Keeping games ready to go will keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Get the Music Going

A music strategy will create an entertaining environment. Try using whole house speakers if you have them. Or a portable speaker that can Bluetooth songs from your phone can easily be used. You can even take song requests for your guests.

Have a great summer!