Shading your Backyard can Be as Simple as Choosing the Best Patio Umbrella

Best Patio UmbrellaSometimes is it just plain too hot or the sun is beating down making sitting outside unbearable. Have you ever gotten frustrated that you could not get comfortable in your own back yard because of the beautiful sun? One way to manage the sun’s intensity is to choose the best patio umbrella. It is easy to choose an umbrella that may not fit your needs. Let’s take a look at these tips to help you choose the best patio umbrella to create shade.

Size is Important

Understand the area in which you want to shade. You may be shading a table with chairs, or you may be shading a lounge chair. You may be shading a space to reduce sun to planters. It is important to measure the area. Remember to measure beyond the table and chairs to help backs and necks avoid sun burn. Size can make all the difference as to what part of your area is shaded.

Color for Design

Patio umbrellas can be found in a variety of colors. You can use patio umbrellas as a way to create outdoor decor or theme. Think about a bright orange or green umbrella to help your neutral colored outdoor furniture really pop. A cream or tan colored umbrella can create a soothing experience outside and also blend in well with the backyard feel.

Function as Needed

The sun will rise and fall during the day. This rising and falling may require you to find an umbrella that can be tilted. So keep in mind the ability to tilt or not to tilt your umbrella. This may be an important functional specification when you are choosing an umbrella. Your home may naturally shade throughout the day and a crank handle on a umbrella will be handy for opening and closing your umbrella. Closing and opening your umbrella will also be good if you think rain will force you to put away your umbrella until it has stopped.

Frames Matter

Now you can buy umbrellas in a variety of frames. Wood and aluminum are two of the types of materials that create the base of the umbrella. Wood frames look great with teak furniture but aluminum frames are easy to lift. The colors of wood and aluminum also make a difference in the appearance of your back yard space.

Upright versus Cantilever

Upright umbrellas are great for sitting in the center of tables or free stands that surrounds an area. While cantilever umbrellas shade an area several feet away. Remember that cantilever umbrellas, based design, require a sturdy base that often is filled with sand to keep it from blowing away or falling over. So extra space and materials are needed for cantilever umbrellas.

With these tips you can keep in mind what you need to review when buying a new patio umbrella.