Furniture Arranging Tricks for an Easy to Clean Home

Furniture Arranging TricksWhen we think about furniture arrangement, we can’t help but think about IKEA catalogs, with their lavish layouts, modernistic ideas and innovative shapes. It seems like every object you see in a room is in the right spot to make your life trouble-free, to ease the burden of cleaning, and to serve its purpose best. However, it’s one thing to drool over the heavenly-looking kitchens and bedrooms portrayed on the pages, it’s another to achieve the same captivating effect in your very own house. You don’t need an interior designer or a house makeover in order to live in your dream home. Simply follow these basic rules and you’ll see your rooms transforming right before your eyes.


Contrary to popular belief, smaller apartments tend to be much more organized and original in their furniture arrangement. This is due to the fact that their owners are trying to utilize every free space possible and employ every potential storage space. Shelves placed over your TV are a perfect place to display your favorite books, small memorabilia or tiny succulents. Due to their size, they are easy to dust as well. To draw the attention away from the fact that our bedroom is kind of small, try having hidden storage spaces – they can never be enough. Under your bed, in ottomans and storage benches, they will keep your belongings dust and dirt free, neatly hidden away from prying eyes.

 Colours and clean lines

In order to make your living room or bedroom appear spacious and bigger than it actually is, you should stick to clean lines, nothing too ornate, as this won’t give you the opportunity to completely relax your mind. Professionals like N15 Top Cleaner London advice, cleaning furniture pieces with too many details often can be too time-consuming – a time you can spend by doing something better and more productive. Neutral colors are your best friend when it comes to easy cleaning. Darker earth tones combine well with lighter beiges and ivory nuances. They give a refined clean feeling to any room and feel very stylish without being too in-your-face. Implement reflective surfaces and mirrors in your rooms, to visually expand them and balance the neutral furniture colors.

Easy Access

Make sure your furniture arrangement eases the cleaning and moving around possibilities to the fullest. If you want to make cleaning behind sofas a pleasant activity, never place your furniture close to the walls. Leave enough space for one vacuum nozzle, at least. Vacuuming will become easier, your room will feel bigger – it’s a win win situation. Another factor, you should take into account, is placing the furniture in a way, which doesn’t obstruct walking from one end of the room to the other. No one would want to walk in an awkward zig zag way, just so they can reach the dining table. Also, getting all this furniture out of your way before cleaning will become just another task you definitely don’t look forward to.


Speaking of vacuuming, the flooring is also an important aspect. If you decide to have simple hardwood floors or big wood look tiles in our home, you can get away with a lot of things and domestic mishaps. A broken glass of wine, with its shattered pieces and wine stains, is much easier to clean and wipe off from an oak, than from a fluffy beige carpet. The universal principle “Less is more” applies perfectly to your furniture. Keep it simple and clean smart, not hard.

Author Bio: Bethany is a full time working mom of two little ones. They live in a small, but very organized place, which really helps keeping it clean.