Desert Inspired Home Design and Décor

Desert Inspired Home DesignWhen if comes to living in the United States, homes come in a lot of different designs. Some of these designs are traditional. Bungalows and mountain cabins exists. And Frank Lloyd Wright inspired homes are found. However, in specific parts of our country a very unique and one of kind design exists. This design is southwest or desert inspired home design. There are specific elements of desert design and decor and we would like to share these elements with you. 

Natural Materials

Many desert designed homes use natural materials inside the home. Using sandstone on counters or to make a fireplaces stand out, is a concept that brings the outside in. Use woods on ceilings as beams and even as a fireplace mantel. Bring stone into the home as bases of tables. Or use stone as back splash in a kitchen. Tile and other materials are very helpful keeping your home clean and keeping an element of simplicity.

Desert Inspired Home Design

Keep it Simple

Simple lines accentuate the sunsets and sands of the desert. Simplicity also focuses on the elements that make the desert come alive. Keep walls clean and free from a lot of wall decor. Use simplicity to keep a flow from room to room. The desert is wide and expansive and using tile across multiple rooms can reflect a similar approach as sand. An open floor plan can also help create the flow from room to room.

Desert Inspired Home Design

Colors to Last

Muted dusty colors are reflective of the southwest. Colors like browns, tans, coral, golds, orange, beige are warm colors that express the desert. And whites add to simplicity and cleanliness of desert design. Whites can also help accentuate other colors that will be the focus colors. Each of these colors can also be a back drop for adding brighter color to a room. For instance, teal or turquoise are great colors to add to a room. A bright red can make a room glow like a sunrise or sunset.

Desert Inspired Home Design

Casual Comfort

When including furniture in a home designed with the desert in mind, use casual furniture. A Queen Anne’s chair is beautiful and ornate, but the likelihood of it adding texture to the room is unlikely. Casual furniture with simple lines will help bring out the flavor of the desert inside your home. Using furniture with metals, woods and leathers also bring more natural elements into the home.


Add Desert Elements

When we think of the desert, we think of cactus and tumble weed. Sand and stone come to mind. Amazing sunrise and sunsets. Red and brown mountains. These elements can be added to the home. Add cactus in your home for more color and more desert design. Think of sand in jars or bowls showcasing the desert. Embrace the sunrise and sunsets with windows so that you can watch the sun rise and fall.

Desert Inspired Home Design


Each of these elements can turn your home into a desert, southwest style.