3 Summer Organizing Tips Before Heading Back to School

Getting the kids ready for school is exciting but can also be challenging. There are so many details that need to thought of or managed. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. Here are three summer organizing tips that you can get done before the kids head back to school. If the kids are already in school, these three tips can help you get organized while they are in school.

#1 Get all that you need for school and your desk now

There are so many little things that kids need while in school. Even parents need supplies to help manage the details of the home. School supplies like notebooks, folders, pens and pencils are important for kids to keep on top of their school work.

Parents often need these items but they may need additional items like paper clips, tape, staples and post its. These items are ready when you need to staple a permission slip or wrap a quick birthday gift. Moms often need their own work station to keep all the details of kids activities organized.

Benefits of supplies

When you can get your supplies ahead of schedule, you create less stress. These simple supplies can cause frustration if you cannot find them easily as you are rushing out the door. With less stress, you have less cortisol which leads to improving your health

When your desk is organized, you and your kids will be productive getting back to school.

#2 Cleaning out Your Garage

Garages are the dumping ground for toys, extra items that are no longer needed, and storage for items that do not fit in the house. By doing a quick clean of your garage, you can determine what is in the garage that you actually need. And also learn what you do not need and then can remove the items you no longer need.

Cleaning your garage will also help your make room for all of your lawn and gardening equipment that may have been outside this summer.

For a long life of your lawn furniture, it is a good idea to clear an area in your garage for lawn furniture storage. Find an area that will not obstruct your car’s entry and also make storing outdoor furniture easy.

Keeping a clean garage will also make room for kids sports equipment. This gets everyone in the family ready for the fall activities schedule.


Cleaning your garage and keeping it organized will help you when you need to add everything from summer back in the garage. Maybe you have pool toys or outdoor furniture or other items that need protecting from the elements.

And when you are ready for next summer, you will be ready and can easily find everything in your garage. Getting organized now, helps for the future.

#3 Cleaning Your Closet

Fall brings cooler temperatures, so a quick review of clothes in your closet is good practice seasonally. Maybe you find that you did not wear certain clothes this summer. If you did not wear certain clothes, you can donate them. No sense keeping something you did not like or choose to wear. Make room for other clothes.

A seasonal change in your closet makes it easy to find clothes when you need them. This helps you get ready when it is time to go out. So out with the summer clothes to make room for fall clothes.


By removing clothes not worn, you can make room for fall and winter wear. Which makes it easier to get ready. You might even get out of the home in time to make your appointment.

You can also keep yourself organized by removing unwanted items. Closets get very crowded and are one areas that can get cluttered fast. Staying on top of this area will help you remain organized throughout the year.

We hope you find these valuable tips helpful!