Invasive Plants and How to Manage Them

invasive plantsThere are plants in a garden that need careful management or they will over run a garden and can cause problems around the home. Invasive plants can actually bring down fences or kill other plants in a garden. These types of plants can also grow outside the confined area of the garden that they have been assigned. So it is important to use these tips to manage any potentially invasive plants.

Invasive Plants

First, let’s talk about the invasive plants that you have to watch out for. Ivy, mint, lemon verbena and bamboo are a few of the plants that need managing. Buck-thorn, Japanese honeysuckle, and other plants definitely need to be managed. For more information on invasive plants take a look here.

Some plants can take over a full garden or grow between plants. It is important to take these next steps if you have these plants in your garden.

Regularly trim plants

It is important to regularly trim or cut back your plants. This is important if you want to manage your plants. During winter months, you can also trim your plants to the base and let them grow back in summer. This will help you control the growth.

Also trimming plants for shaping purposes can help maintain the size and look of the plants. Trimming may need to be done every month or every other month.

Remove overgrown plants

Remove the plants all together from the yard. By removing the plants, you no longer have the issue of overgrown plants. When you remove the plant physically, you will need to treat the ground so that plant does not grow back. If you do not treat the ground, you will have wasted your time pulling out the plant.

Use the potters

When it comes to most plants like ivy or mint, you can plant these in their pots in the ground. So how does this work? When you buy an ivy plant from the store and it comes in the pot, take the pot and plant and put it in the ground. So basically, do not remove the plant from the pot. The container will help control the plant and its grow so its roots cannot affect the rest of your garden.


Do not put invasive plant cuttings in compost piles. The invasive plant will find its way back into your yard.

When using certain pesticides, you may need a professional because these pesticides can cause skin damage or irritation.

If you considering burning these plants, please be aware of fire safety in your area and for your person. Wear safety glasses and gloves and know how to contain the fire.