10 Questions To Ask When Planning A Home Theater

Home Theater

You’ve decided that you need a dedicated movie theater in your home. A place to kick back, relax and watch your favorite movies and TV shows while devouring a tub of delicious and buttery popcorn. That’s a great idea but now it’s time to actually plan it.

Having a list of questions while planning your home-based cinema can significantly help in bringing clarity during the construction process.

1.   Which room in the house can be converted into a home theater?

The first decision you need to make during the planning stage is deciding which existing room or area in your house can become a dedicated cinema. The ideal home theater room should be large enough to seat at least 3 people, a little isolated from other rooms of the house, has no windows and high ceiling, and can be rewired easily. Usually, the basement fits all the above criteria.

2.  What is my budget?

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to construct a home theater. Media rooms can range from basic ones with only a few entertainment devices to lavish ones boasting the look and feel of an actual movie theater. However, before doing anything it’s important to set aside a budget and keep a track of expenses.

3.  How many seats can I include in the home theater?

One of the main reasons of having a theater in your home is to enjoy your favorite blockbusters in comfort. That means selecting the most comfortable seating. Although some homeowners prefer splashing on a luxurious sofa, it’s better to opt for a customized recliner. You can even purchase three-seater recliners with ample arm storage, a place to keep accessories and LED lighting on the bottom.

4.  What kind of décor do I want?

You will be spending considerable amount of time in your new home theater so why not decorate it nicely? You could opt for a traditional Hollywood-style home theater, a bare bones media room, a contemporary home-based cinema or the interiors of a wooden cabin for an outdoorsy feel.

5.  What kind of lighting should I use?

Having large glass windows would harm your viewing experience since glass reflects light and sound. It is better to opt for recessed and ambient lighting. You can go with LED string lights around the walls for a nice modern touch.

6. What audio and visual devices do I need?

There are numerous home theater systems that can be used to enhance the movie-watching experience. Traditionally, a home theater requires a TV screen or a projector and white screen, surround sound and subwoofers, remote controls, Blu-ray or similar player, and internet. The type of device that you choose will depend on the space of the room, budget and your acoustic needs.

7.  Should I soundproof the theater room?

Ideally, you should soundproof your room by fixing drywall and acoustic panels. This will ensure that no one in the house is disturbed while you enjoy the movie. It will also stop neighbors from complaining about the noise. Carpets, curtains and drapes also absorb sound that leads to minimum vibrations and ensures that sound stays in the room.

8.  Should I construct the home theater by myself or hire a contractor?

Once you have an idea of what you want, you need to consider if you can construct the home theater alone or hire a contractor. Consider the pros and cons of doing it alone versus hiring a contractor. For example, a contractor would be a good option if you want to convert a large room into a home theater but a not-so-good idea if you’re just converting a small room into a dedicated media room.

9. Should I consult an electrician?

The addition of myriad electronic devices requires considerable amount of rewiring. You may need to consult an electrician to ensure that the rewiring does not adversely affect the house’s electrical supply. Can the house handle the addition of several electronic items? How can you reduce your electricity bill despite adding several devices? – These are some questions to consider.

     10. What accessories can I add in the room?

Your home theater design should reflect your personality and comfort level. Which means adding your style and a range of accessories. These could include a nifty “now showing” Hollywood-style sign, a wine glass holder, a vintage popcorn machine, a mini-bar or a swivel tray table. Make it your home theater.

Hopefully this list of questions will help you with your home theater setup plan! Would you build it in basement or living room? What movie would you watch first?

About Author: Katie Porter is an aspiring writer, movie lover, and part of the team at Seatup. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home state Colorado and plays in women’s amateur rugby league.