Tools to Help You Manage Your Prized Possessions

Manage Your Prized PossessionsHave you ever wondered what would happen if anything were to happen to the things you love? Your favorite piece of art work, your jewelry, your collections, your signed Michael Jordan jersey or Cal Ripken’s rookie card. What about your children’s art projects or your family photos. These things are objects but they often have a dollar or sentimental value to you. These tools will help you manage your prized possessions in case something could possibly happen like house damage or a theft.

Online Home Inventory Apps

Many of your valuable items are worth some significant money. Maybe you invested in a first edition J.K Rowling book. Or you invested in extraordinary handmade carpets.  Whatever investment you have made in the objects that you love, it is important to document them. Take photos of the valuables. If you have receipts or appraisals, include them with the item details. If you know the manufacturer or the artist of the item or even where you purchased the item. This could come in handy if you ever need to replace or repair the item.

Documenting these details is important to understanding what you own and value and gain quick access to the information about these items if you ever need to report the items damaged or stolen. It also helps you identify what you own for financial management. Knowing the value of these items will help you understand the total value of all your assets.

This is one of the reasons we created HomeZada. To help people track the things they own for both financial planning and those just in case situations.

Picture Management Apps

We all have digital photos. But once upon a time, hard copy printed photos were the norm. These photos are of family, graduations, vacations and so much more. What would happen if your roof developed a leak and all your photos in your attic were destroyed? This is not only a challenge in managing the restoration and repair of your home, but all your wonderful memories of days gone by are now filled with mold and water damage. Your photos become unrecognizable.

Using solutions like to digitize and manage your photos in a cloud environment makes it easy to remember family and friends. Using cloud based solutions means you can also share photos with others and easily search for them.

Managing your valuables or prized possessions and memories can be as simple as taking these two steps of creating a home inventory and uploading physical photos to a photo management site. These tools will help you gain peace of mind in case that unexpected situation does occur.