The New Frontier: Bathroom Luxury and Leisure

Bathroom Luxury

New technology inspires advancements across a broad spectrum of products and services. Products like smart TVs, mobile phones, and virtual reality. It’s about time bathrooms got a bit of an upgrade too. High-tech steam showers can make your everyday routine feel like a visit to a luxury spa, thanks to some fantastic features.

You can incorporate one or more of these features into your own bathroom renovation to discover some of the many benefits offered by a high-tech steam shower. Take advantage of the time you spend bathing each day and make it an indulgent experience rather than just a daily chore.

1. Steam function

Ask anyone who regularly frequents a sauna. Steam provides a ton of amazing health benefits. By enhancing circulation, steam helps to detoxify your body and stimulates your immune system. All while making you look and feel rejuvenated and refreshed. With a high-tech steam shower, you can access this spa treatment at the touch of a button. All of this without even leaving your bathroom.

You don’t even need to design your entire bathroom around a steam shower. This feature can easily be installed to look like a regular bathtub or shower. It’s a simple adjustment that can greatly increase your quality of life. All without the expense of purchasing and installing a sauna.

 2. Music system

Gone are the days of hanging a waterproof radio from your shower head. Today’s high-tech steam showers provide built-in Bluetooth functionality. This allows you to play music from your computer or smartphone while you enjoy your bath. Some of the more expensive systems even have touchscreen controlled speakers, allowing you to adjust the volume of your music from inside the shower.

This fantastic feature means you can listen to the morning news while you prepare for your day. Or you can unwind with some smooth jazz or nature sounds after a hard day’s work. Either way, having a music system in your steam shower makes the entire experience more extravagant.

3. Mood lighting

Chromatherapy uses colored lights in your high-tech steam shower to create soothing effects. This gives your body a break from being exposed to screens all day long. Colored lighting is said to have a physical and psychological effect on the body. And with a chromatherapy system, you can find lighting to suit any mood as you sink into a bath or enjoy an invigorating steam shower.

By including a mood lighting feature in your high-tech steam shower, you bring this alternative medicine technique right into your home to enjoy its unique benefits with each shower.

4. Massage jets

Your high-tech steam shower gives you a personalized massage to help revitalize aching muscles after a hard workout or just a long day at work. These pulsating jets can also be used first thing in the morning, to provide a healthy burst of energy to start your day off right. These jets are installed in strategic locations in the steam shower. These jets are fully adjustable so you can position them right where you need them.

This feature can take your shower up a notch. It can also save you money on chiropractor visits or massage appointments. Instead, you get all the benefits of these services without having to leave your bathroom. All thanks to your high-tech steam shower.

5. Shower head

Shower heads come in a huge variety of styles. But one of the more popular types for a high-tech steam shower is the large monsoon shower head. This feature takes your bathroom to the height of luxury and makes every shower an invigorating or relaxing experience. Depending on the selected setting. Shower heads are also easy to switch and install on your own, making this one of the easiest ways to turn any regular shower into a more high-tech, indulgent bathroom experience.

These great features work together to make your high-tech steam shower experience more than just routine bathing. With a high-tech steam shower, you can start your day with an invigorating blast of clean water and some energizing music. Or you can unwind after work with some meditative steam, soft lighting, and relaxing sounds. Turn your bathroom into your own private oasis, thanks to the features of high-tech steam showers.

About Author: Martin is the lead content writer for Poshh. He is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt