Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Holiday Decorating Made EasyThe holidays are here and boy are they exciting. Creating memories throughout the holidays is wonderful and are hidden treasures. Holiday decorating can add to these holiday memories. With these simple tips you can make holiday decorating a memorable experience and keep your decorating easy.

Add some sparkle

While you are out and about cutting down your Christmas tree, pick up some loose branches. Bring those branches home and with a little gold or silver spray paint, create a beautiful and sparkling branch display. Using spray paint or glitter to add color to styrofoam balls or egg carton bells, can bring a home to life. And it brings the family together in your holiday decorating efforts.

Glitter is definitely a holiday’s best friend. Using glitter, you can add it to a table to give a snowy look a shine. Glittering up a homemade ornament makes a great gift for family members. Adding glitter to homemade cards is also a memory to be treasured.

Make it natural

The holidays often remind us the scents of outside, like pine, holly and even spices that once grew outside. Adding touches of pine branches, cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels can make a home smell and look stunning. Try adding cloves in a jar with cinnamon sticks and dried orange peel and you have a natural potpourri. Use pine branches to make a table stand out and smell fresh. Clean off some pieces of wood to create a elfin winter wonderland in your home. Add a few leaves to make appear more natural.

Use pinecones collected from outside and add some scented oils for a magical treat for the senses. Think about walking your yard, a local park or your neighborhood and find unique pieces to add to your home for a natural Christmas setting. A simple set of rocks can make paperwhite flowers stand out.

Create one focal point

We all can tend to overdo it during the holidays. We tend to invest a lot of dollars into holiday decorations, only to store them during eleven months of the year. If we change our strategy and only focus on one area of our home or one central focal point like a tree, we will have an easier decorating experience. Focusing only on a Christmas tree gives us the opportunity to decorate with a cup of hot cocoa and host a tree decorating party. A great way to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

As we realize that one room is decorated, we truly live in the holiday spirit by stepping into this room. The room will stand out from the rest of the house. Plus you will spend less time decorating and more time celebrating the holidays.

These simple steps can make holiday decorating easy. We all wish you a happy and joyful holiday season.