7 Outdoor Holiday Lighting Tips

Outdoor Christmas lights can light up your home – and your mood – for the holidays, but they can also pose a risk if basic precautions are ignored.

Each year, fires caused from electrical issues result in millions of dollars worth of damage, not to mention the death that can very often occur.

And while outdoor displays aren’t nearly as combustible as Christmas trees can be, it’s still important to follow some basic guidelines to minimize the risk of fire from outdoor Christmas lights.

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Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Holiday Decorating Made EasyThe holidays are here and boy are they exciting. Creating memories throughout the holidays is wonderful and are hidden treasures. Holiday decorating can add to these holiday memories. With these simple tips you can make holiday decorating a memorable experience and keep your decorating easy. Read More

5 Holiday Tips To Get In The Holiday Spirit

holiday tipsThe holidays are here and full swing! But maybe you are having some trouble getting festive! The holidays can sometimes bring on a lot of stress. As a result, this stress may prevent us from really getting into the holiday spirit. So let’s take a look at some ways to really jump into the holiday spirit but making a few adjustments to your home.  These holiday tips will make life a bit less stressful during this season.  Read More

8 Holiday Storage Tips

christmas-storage-tipsHoliday decorations are often fragile and treasured memories. Storing holiday decorations can be challenging with their odd shapes and sensitivity. Storing holiday decorations also need to be tucked away until they are required at the end of year. So carefully placing these items in a location within you home that will not be touched for 11 months and still being able to access them when the time was right. Getting your decorations properly stored to prevent breakage and yet accessibility when its time to kick off the holidays can be a tricky sitution. These helpful holiday storage tips can help you get your decorations stored and yet ready for the next time they are needed.  Read More

Art of Holiday Decorating: Tips for Seasonal Style

Holiday Decor fro wikimedia-orgGuest Blogger: Francesca Holmes

The holidays are a chance to express your creativity and celebrate the season in style. No matter what holiday you observe, the enjoyment of food, family and friends and festivity is enhanced by a bright and luxurious décor.

The look is easy to accomplish if you have a natural flair for decorating, but if you are attempting to truly transform your home into holiday headquarters this year, we’ve provided some inspiration and six steps to help you make an impression this holiday season. Read More