13 Last Minute Table Decorating Tips

13 Last Minute Table Decorating TipsWe have our menus and everyone is bringing their dishes. It is the holidays and we are excited to share meals with our family and friends. But these holidays are special, so what can we do to get our table quickly decorated because it skipped our minds. 

With these last minute table decorating tips, you will have some fun bringing the holidays to your table.  Let’s get started.

Pick up Something Nice

Because you may be low on time, you can get a quick centerpiece from a local shop. You can get one centerpiece or several centerpieces for a long table.

Decorate It

Using some bulbs that didn’t make it on the tree, you can easily create a masterpiece to bring the holidays to the table.

Clip It

If you have holly, pine, magnolia or other trees outside, trim a few branches and bring nature to your table. You can even lay your dishes on top of these branches to add more viewing pleasure.


If you have old mirrors laying around, try adding them to the center of the table to add more reflection.

Light it Up

Bring candles and votives to the table to add elegance. Adding these votives to your mirrors will add even more reflection and shine.

Add Sparkle

Maybe you have extra glitter from your making your homemade ornaments. Sprinkling a little glitter will bring the joy of the season.

Add Temptation

Use the desserts as your decor to get everyone excited for what is next.

Jars and Snow

Add jars with fake snow and a little trinket. These jars will illuminate with candles or sparkle with ornaments.

Bring in the Fruit

Use cranberries, apples, oranges and spices to add color and scent to your table.

Add the Unusual

Use cake stands to hold candles or bulbs to add depth and dimension to your table.

Sweeten it Up

Add candy like candy canes, Hershey’s kisses and other favorite candies to show off your sweet tooth.

Fallen Specials

A pinecone never had so much fun as being a center piece on a table.

Table Topics

Add reasons to converse at the table. Ask for the unusual with table topics.

These several last minute table decorating tips are sure to reduce your stress, have fun and have a wonderful holiday season!