7 Ways to Celebrating New Year’s at Home

7 Ways to Celebrating New Year's at HomeNew Year’s eve is a time of celebrations, parties, and sharing special times with special people. Celebrating New Year’s at home can be fun and easy with these great tips.

Throw a Party

This can be a big endeavor, but a great way to ring in the New Year. Call your friends, your family and your neighbors to join in a pot luck extravaganza. If everyone brings a dish, you can provide the bubbly to toast at midnight. Think of having a dessert party or a appetizer party to make it simple. Remember to have sparkling apple cider for the kiddies.

Host a Sleepover

Kids and adults can participate in an indoor camp ground – your home. Bring sleeping bags, air mattresses and build the best indoor tents ever. Use sheets, pillow cases, glitter stars and moons to create a beautiful tented experience. Add glow in the dark stars and planets to your walls to create a night sky. Breakfast can be a full fun filled event to start the new year off right. Everyone can participate in the breakfast cooking extravaganza.

Have a Favorite Movie Night

Catch up on some movies you have been meaning to watch. Low key New Year’s eve events are as fun as big parties. And they have less clean up. Bring your favorite people together or snuggle with your blanket and schedule your night. Remember some homemade popcorn and your favorite glass of bubbly for the midnight cheer.

Create A Floor Picnic

Call your favorite restaurant and request your very own New Year’s eve takeout. Lay out a beautiful blanket, get the fire going and with your takeout food, you can have a romantic evening with your loved ones. This keeps is simple and low key.

Play New Games

Game night is fun and exciting. Use this New Year’s eve to have a game night featuring new games. Raid the cupboard where you store your games or maybe someone received a new game for a Christmas present. Celebrate the joy of being together learning something new together with a new game.

Create a Family Resolutions List

Get the family together and figure out what resolutions everyone wants to make for the new year. Use a white board or some large post it notes to write down all your new year’s resolutions. Find out what goals are achievable and discuss how the whole family will help each other with their goals in the new year.

Get Organized 

New Year’s eve is a great time to get started on your next year’s organizing tasks. You can start by putting away Christmas decorations. As a result, you can determine what in your home is returnable, what needs to be donated and what is no longer needed. Also, try working on your paperwork for next year. Get the paper in your home organized so that you have it ready and viewable when you need it. New Year’s Day will be so relaxing once you have your New Year’s Eve organized.

Enjoying the end of one year and ringing in a new year is fantastic. We hope these ways help you celebrate no matter what you are doing for the New Year! From all of us at HomeZada, Happy New Year!