5 Quick and Easy Home Projects to Finish in a Weekend

5 Quick and Easy Home Projects to Finish in a WeekendDid the home improvement bug bite you yet?

It can strike at any time, but this time of year it’s at a fever pitch. Home improvement stores are crowded with homeowners, lists in hand, searching for what they need to make their visions a reality.

And while you may already have a long wish list of things you’d like to do to improve your home, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re short on time too.

After all, summer is the time for backyard BBQs, days at the beach, evenings spent catching fireflies and a little slower pace of living. Few want to give this up to spend weeks renovating their homes.

That’s why these projects are the perfect answer to homeowners who want to make improvements to their home, yet lack the time – or desire – to spend weeks on home renovation projects.:

1. Add beadboard to one or more walls…or even the ceiling

Beadboard is a classic addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Both traditional or more modern types of beadboard can instantly change the look of a room.

Tips: For best results, take accurate measurements and cut from the backside of the board so that any splintered wood won’t be visible from the front. 

2. Make a charging station

Find a central location in your home that makes sense for a charging station. (e.g. entryway, kitchen drawer).

Use a power strip and divided storage unit – like the kind used in kitchen drawers – to create a place for family members to recharge their cell phones, music players, tablets and other electronic devices.

Note: For the perfect hidden charging station, use a drawer, drilling a hole in the back for the power strip cord to slip through.

3. Improve curb appeal

Small changes can make a big difference in your home’s appearance. After clearing away any dead plants, clutter, etc., freshen up your home’s entrance and exterior with these quick projects:

  • ⬥a fresh coat of bright, cheerful paint on the front door
  • ⬥simple landscaping changes such as potted plants near the door
  • ⬥new door hardware (door knocker, doorbell, doorknob, etc.)
  • ⬥solar lights along the walkway and/or illuminating the house
  • ⬥new lighting on the doorstep
  • ⬥new welcome mat

4. Freshen up your kitchen

Small, quick changes can make a difference to the heart of your home. Here are some ideas to quickly freshen up your kitchen:

  • ⬥Change out a light fixture
  • ⬥Add more lights easily with plug-in LED or fluorescent lights
  • ⬥Replace your faucet
  • ⬥Add a backsplash to your sink and/or stove area using self-stick tile or metal look sheets

5. Create a beautiful backyard patio

Use flagstones positioned on a level area of your yard to create a beautiful patio over the weekend using sand to fill in the spaces between pavers rather than mortar.

Add a few colorful chairs, a small table with umbrella and potted plants to create a backyard oasis for the entire family.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you’ve got to spend thousands of dollars and weeks of time improving your home. If it’s in otherwise sound condition, all it takes is a few hours of your time over one or more weekends to really make a difference, and help you enjoy living in your home that much more.