8 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Ideas Under $150

8 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Ideas Under $150Don’t let the idea of a home improvement project scare you…there are a lot of ways you can make improvements to your home without breaking the bank.

The following home improvement projects can all be done for around $150 or less, depending upon prices where you live and the extent of changes that need to be made to your home.

Not only are they quick to do, they’ll make a big difference in how your home looks, both to you and to a potential buyer if you’re planning to sell.

Renovate by room

1. Kitchen


There are many very affordable organizational tools to help with your kitchen’s storage needs.

Look around for unused areas such as unclaimed walls or a corner space that offers room for open shelves and/or corner organizers to make the most of the room you do have.

Decorative brackets paired with plain shelving can add a touch of personality to your kitchen and an empty wall is the perfect place for a wine rack. 


A fresh coat of paint, some updated hardware and even an addition of molding can give your cabinets an entirely new look with a minimum of cost and effort.


From beaded board, to tin and even tile backsplashes, a quick look online at any well known home improvement store will show you thousands of backsplash ideas that will help protect your walls from splashes and spills and provide fast and easy cleanup.

Sink filter

An undersink filter will provide great tasting water…saving you money and encouraging everyone in the family to drink more water because it tastes so delicious. (Note: Make sure you have enough room under your sink to install a water filter system before starting this project.)

2. Bathroom

For a quick, inexpensive home project in your bathroom, update your existing showerhead…and if you or someone in your home is getting older, a grab bar makes good sense. They’re fast and simple to install and can be a lifesaver.

3. Entryway

A dropping point for everyone coming into the home is often the entryway. Stop clutter before it invades the rest of your home by adding storage…or making the most of the storage you already have.

Some things you can add to increase your entryway’s storage include:

  • ⬥Wall hooks for clothing, backpacks and purses
  • ⬥A bench along an empty wall that serves double duty as both a seat and shoe storage
  • ⬥Open shelves with baskets assigned to each family member


Renovate by features

4. Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you know how they can lend elegance to a room. If yours could do with an update, here’s how to do it.:

  • ⬥Clean the fireplace thoroughly to remove every trace of dirt and grime.
  • ⬥Apply a stain-blocking primer to help clean and prepare the surface for paint.
  • ⬥Go with a high gloss, heat resistant paint to ensure the best adhesion and to make it the centerpiece of your room.

While you’re at it, consider changing the decor on your mantle and/or hanging a new piece of artwork or mirror over the fireplace.

5. Lighting

If your light fixtures need updating, begin by thinking about the lighting needs for every room in your home.

Choose fixtures that will give your home both a stylish update and the perfect light, according to its purpose. For example, task lighting is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom areas so a cool white light works best in those areas, however bedrooms and living room lighting should be more ambient, providing a warm, relaxing glow.

6. Bookshelves

Bookshelves are not only the perfect addition to hold all of your treasures, they also lend a certain elegance to an otherwise ordinary room.

While a built-in bookshelf is the ultimate feature for any home, more affordable options could include a prebuilt bookshelf or a kit that you can put together yourself.

7. Interior trim work

Crown molding, chair rails, beadboard and other architectural features can add character to your home with little expense.

8. Window treatments

Window treatments can instantly change the look of a room.

From Roman shades, to blinds, panels or curtains there is a wide variety of materials, colors and textures of window treatments to choose from.