How to Save on Your Fall Decorations This Year

How to Save on Your Fall Decorations This Year

Trees changing color, brisk air, kids back to school…the signs are all here…it’s time to pull out the fall decorations and get busy decorating your home.

But your scarecrow looks thinner than last year and the glitter paint on your bright plastic pumpkin litters your garage floor, your jacket and…your fingers.

Obviously, it’s time for some new fall decorations…but how can you decorate your home this fall without breaking the budget?

Repurpose what you have

Look for items you already have that can be repurposed for your fall decor.

For example, a simple glass vase can be filled with leaves, acorns, pine cones and/or mini pumpkins as a centerpiece or mantle decoration.

Potpourri in fall fragrances like apple and cinnamon can be poured into small glass bowls or mason jars to add both color and the delightfully warm scent of fall throughout your home.

Use nature

Forget plastic pumpkins and ghosts…use what nature provides to decorate your home.

The grocery store and/or farmers’ market are great places to find gourds, pumpkins and/or Indian corn to bring the beautiful colors of fall into your home.

You can also take a walk with the kids and gather up leaves, acorns, pinecones…whatever you can find that makes you smile and reminds you of fall.

When you get home, fill a glass bowl or serving plate with your discoveries as a quick and easy, yet beautiful centerpiece.

Shop at the dollar store/thrift stores

If you’re a Pinterest fan, your feed has probably already been littered with fall decorating ideas and projects.

When you come across a fall decorating look you’d like for your home, but it just won’t work for your budget, make a note of the materials used then take a trip to your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Big Lots, or other discount store.

Chances are very good that you’ll find what you’re looking for – or something that’s very close to it – for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the one you saw online.

Take advantage of craft store sales

Every autumn, craft stores know that people are on the hunt for fall decorations. This is the perfect time of year to snag something beautiful for your home at a fraction of what it would cost full price.

Also, be on the lookout for coupons to help save even more.

Yard sales

Garage/yard sales are everywhere at this time of the year…it’s the perfect time to score something “new” for your home.

Don’t simply look for “fall decorations”…keep an eye out for functional, multi-purpose items such as wicker and/or wire mesh baskets, metal trays, old picture frames, glass pitchers, glasses, bowls, etc.

Many of these items can be combined with items from the thrift store – or the thriftiest store of all…your home…to create beautiful, unique fall decorations.

A word to the wise, however…if you can’t picture how you’ll use your garage sale find(s), don’t bring them home…otherwise they’ll probably find their way to your next garage sale!

Finally, to truly enjoy your fall decorations this year, use only what you love and use your fall decorations sparingly (e.g. such as in a vignette) for maximum effect.