How Much Money Can You Save by Being Organized?

How Much Money Can You Save by Being Organized?According to an Ikea Life at Home report, an average American wastes 55 minutes per day looking for stuff somewhere in their home. This is often a result of our homes ever changing and constantly evolving with new updates, new furniture and the acquisition of new home looks and items. Our families grow which results in more items in the home. It is easy to see how we waste time finding things and risk frustration not being able to find the items we need when we need them. This also results in increased money being lost or spent.

There are several hidden areas that stand out when we become disorganized and thus costs us money.

Paper Management

When we are disorganized with the paper in our lives, we spend more money on late fees or penalties because we misplace our bills. We also miss great events because we could not find the coupon or tickets we purchased because they are hidden under a pile of paper. Missed opportunities and lost dollars.

Get organized with bins, bulletin boards and containers that keep your papers organized. Use electronic calendars and files to keep you on top of all things that need to get done and when. Simply getting your paper and calendars organized will help you avoid wasted money.

Duplicate items

When we like to shop and we cannot find items in our homes, we tend buy the same items over and over again. Duplicate items prove to be wasted money and take up a lot of space creating clutter in our homes.

It is important to know what you own and where is it placed to avoid the overspending. In the US, Americans spend more money on their homes than any other item. It is important to keep items in specific places to find them easily.


When it comes to our homes, surprisingly we can save money by decluttering our homes. If we live a more simplistic lifestyle, we can then save money by limiting our spend. Decluttering is a great way to live a bit more simplistically. The trick to this solution is that once you declutter, you keep the declutter mantra to manage your home. Everything in our homes must have a place that we can identify with and so that we can find it easily. These confirmed spaces will prevent us from overspending.

These three tips will help you save money by simply getting organized.