5 Ways to Copy Magnolia Homes Home Decor Style

5 Ways to Copy Magnolia Homes Home Decor StyleIf you’re a fan of the HGTV series “Fixer Upper”, staring Chip and Joanna Gaines, you’ve no doubt seen the “casual farmhouse style” that permeates the style of their renovations.

A warm, cozy style, it’s not difficult to copy it for your own home and make it yours.

A combination of warm, cool shades, rustic mixed with modern, repurposing antiques and even slipcovers can all play a part in creating the modern farmhouse look the way Joanna does it.

1. Use a signature piece

This is the piece that everyone notices and that draws attention to the eye when you enter the room. For example, an old buffet table or a large console repurposed to house a display of your favorite glassware.

2. Color and material choices

Whether you’re completely renovating your home, or want to make a few modifications, keep the following things in mind when creating your own style of “farmhouse chic”.

  • ⬥ Use cool colors such as gray, white, teal, off-whites, natural and distressed wood.
  • ⬥ And when possible, use metals such as hammered pewter or black iron combined with wood.
  • ⬥ Avoid bright colors…the idea is soft, muted colors layered, light and breezy.


3. Style and function

Think functional and beautiful when decorating your home “Magnolia Homes” style.

For example, create a “launch pad” for the entire family, using materials like those found in Joanna’s “farmhouse chic” homes.

Things such as wire hanging baskets, a chalkboard,  wall calendar, floating shelves, hooks for coats and bookbags, a wooden or metal tray for footwear and a textured rug that easily captures dirt can lend both form and function to any space.

4. Shiplap

The most obvious way to get the “Gaines’ home” look; shiplap.

When used with open shelves, a chandelier, wood and metal furniture and inspirational wall sayings, the look is warm and inviting.

Use shiplap anywhere you want to add texture and a “wow” factor to a wall or room.

5. Merge the old and the new

Joanna’s design pays homage to the past while marrying it with the future.

Scout thrift stores for unique pieces that can be used with your existing décor and/or make your own treasures.

Some inexpensive ideas:

  • ⬥ Paint Mason jars white, encircle them with twine and artificial greenery, add some dried flowers and you have a beautiful showpiece to add to your entryway or coffee table.


  • ⬥ Create your own “farmhouse style” pillows by stamping a special design or meaningful saying on a zippered pillowcase with fabric paint before stuffing the pillow in it.


  • ⬥ Outdoor chandelier made from tin cans and a pendant lighting kit. Simply drill holes in the bottom of the cans, add a bushing to keep the can from cutting the light cords, add the lights and hang in place.


Finally, don’t try to change your home decor overnight. Take your time, only making changes that suit your budget and your taste and create the home you love to call yours.