Small Space Storage Solutions

Use the following small space storage solutions for ideas about managing your own space:


Maybe you’re already using storage on the back of your doors via hooks for coats and bags, but what about shelves?

Depending on the door it’s possible to put a few shelves on the back of the door to both save space and help you stay organized.


Need a home office but don’t have enough space?

Make your closet pull double-duty by putting a small desk and a few extra shelves (or clear off space on your current ones) in your closet.

With a little reorganizing you could have a small workspace without sacrificing storage for your clothes and shoes.

Under bed storage

You’ve probably already got a few things stashed under your bed, but is it organized well enough that you can quickly access what you need?

While under-bed bins work well, why not consider buying a bed frame with built-in drawers?

Off-season clothes and/or extra linens are the perfect choice for this space.

Nooks and crannies

Large windowsills, irregularly shaped corners, space between a closet doorframe and the wall…all of these are small little spaces that can work well for storage.

Bookcases, drawers and perhaps a small piece of furniture can be used to organize your belongings.

Also, don’t forget to think about ways you can use the vertical space as well in these small areas.

Baskets, baskets, baskets

Yes, plastic bins do work well for storage, but baskets are perfect for both form and function.

Baskets are also easy to move from place to place and if you use the right type they can be smooshed just a bit to fit into tight places.

Use your walls…and ceiling

Hooks are one of the best…and most common…storage solutions for small spaces, but they’re not the only option.:

  • ⬥ Overhead pan-racks
  • ⬥ Shelves mounted close to the ceiling on all four walls
  • ⬥ Corner clothes rack
  • ⬥ Crown moulding for a shoe rack
  • ⬥ Pegboards
  • ⬥ Hanging towel racks with S hooks or curtain rings

Furniture with built-in storage

Many manufacturers create furniture with storage built right in.

Some examples include:

  • ⬥ Headboards and/or bed-frames with pull-out storage
  • ⬥ Chairs, sofas and/or couches with small storage areas
  • ⬥ Footstools with hidden storage compartments
  • ⬥ Coffee tables with lift-up lids

Finally, think of ways you can carve up your existing storage options to make use of the space you now have. For example, if there’s a lot of space between the items on your top shelf and your ceiling you can either add another shelf or move the shelf and everything else up a little higher to free up more space on the floor.

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