How to Maximize Storage Space and Stay on Trend

1. Hidden Storage.  

According to a recent Houzz study, up to 75% of homeowners are obsessed with decluttering their kitchen countertops. Therefore, built-in lift doors are designed to reduce the countertop clutter. Plus, any homeowners can store everyday small appliances behind them. Additionally, inconspicuous kitchen drawers enlist coffee pod organizers, spice holders, and more. Give yourself the clean, spotless kitchen you’ve always been looking for by investing in hidden storage solutions. 

2. Large Pantries.

With the rise of open shelving in kitchens, pantries have been increasing in size. Pantries are also expected to handle the lack of cabinet storage space in the kitchen space. Additionally, adjustable storage is making its way into pantries as they provide homeowners flexibility where kitchen cabinets are lacking. As homeowners, you’re relying on your pantry to take on the influx of storage. Large pantries are what everyone wants in their homes as they provide a plethora of storage options and accessories like pull-out baskets, and work surfaces for dinner prep and packing school lunches.

how to maximize storage space and stay on trend - HomeZada

3. Gray Finishes.

Kitchen and bath color trends are making an entrance into closets and storage spaces. This growing demand for the color gray in pantries is being dictated by the flow of the home. Homeowners are taking a minimalist approach to decorating and using the same color throughout the home is simple. Gray finishes have warm undertones to give a more dynamic appearance and a homey feel. Check out Organized Living’s Century Gray and incorporate it into your closets and storage solutions to seamlessly tie into the rest of your home.

4. Adjustable Storage.  

With space being a premium in every home, homeowners are looking for ways to maximize what they have and configure the space to fit their needs. They are transitioning traditional spaces like dining rooms into a playroom or a homework room. In addition, adjustable storage is a must as it gives you flexibility to store your items. Organized Living’s freedomRail closet system is the perfect solution because of its strength and complete adjustability to maximize any space in your home.

how to maximize storage in your home - HomeZada |Organized Living Freedom Rail Closet

5. Hiving.

As video streaming and meal delivery services grow in popularity, people no longer need to leave the home for entertainment. As a homeowner, you’re looking for a space where you stay put and can create a community within your home. Hiving, hunkering down, and loving where you live are high homeowner expectations. As a result, covered porches and welcoming entrances are more popular than ever. They can handle the increasing number of packages coming to your door.

Take advantage of these five closet and storage trends to maximize your space and transform your home entirely for the better.

About Author: Sarah is a closet design and organization specialist. Her closet design and organization tips will help you achieve your ultimate #closetgoals while maximizing your storage space. Sarah’s tips, tricks and trend alerts have been featured in national publications and online.”