5 Reasons Why Home Maintenance Matters So Much

If this sounds like you, use the following reminders to help inspire you to get those home maintenance tasks done before they become more complicated…and more expensive…to deal with.:

1. Your home value will increase

While the housing market can be volatile, over the long term real estate has proven to be a very smart investment.

But this doesn’t mean your home will always increase in value…especially if you fail to maintain it well.

For example, unless they’re searching for a “fixer-upper”, home buyers are looking closely at your home to see if you’ve been doing maintenance on a regular basis.

They’ll look for things such as paint peeling around the windows or mold build-up on exterior walls to determine whether or not to put in an offer.

And the offer they put in will be greatly influenced by the apparent care you’ve put into your home.

2. Your repair costs will be smaller

Without question, if you catch something early enough (e.g. a leaky pipe under the sink) the cost of repairing or replacing it is exponentially less.

3. You’ll be more confident in the quality of your home

When you know that every part of your home has been built right, you’ll know exactly what it will take to maintain it.

For example, if you know that every light fixture and every wall socket was installed correctly, with the right gauge wire, etc., then you’ll be confident about maintaining it, and you’ll feel more safe and secure in your home.

4. You’ll save money

If you know, for example, that you need to clean out the filters in your sewer system you’ll do it on a regular basis.


Because not doing so can potentially lead to a damaged or failed septic system that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

Also, your home systems will be more efficient.

For example, few things can shorten the life of an air conditioner than not getting sufficient air, so when you change your ac filters on a regular basis you’ll not only save on your utility bill, but you’ll also make your system last longer.

5. Home warranties

Finally, if you have a new home or have installed new systems that have been warrantied, you can expect that any breakdown you experience won’t be covered if the cause was a lack of maintenance.

Which means that not only did you spend money on a warranty that you cannot use, but adding insult to injury you’ll need to replace or repair what was broken as well.