13 Easy Summer Party Tips For Kids and Grown-ups

To stir up your imagination we’ve put together 13 tips to help make this summer amazing.

1. Serve fruit slushies…not sugary soft drinks

Fast, easy to make and healthy…what’s not to love?

Mix ice, water, frozen limeade and a variety of frozen fruits such as raspberries, mangos or peaches.

2. Hang a backyard swing

No matter what size backyard you have, a backyard swing invites you to sit and relax in the beautiful outdoors.

3. Wine cubes

Have a favorite wine? Freeze it in ice trays (approximately 1 ounce per cube) then add one or two of them to your glass to make it last longer.

Or, you can add the cubes to sparkling water to keep your drink light.

4. Plant stand cooler

Use a plant stand as a cooler to keep drinks cool without running back and forth into the house.

Simply fill it up with ice or fill latex balloons with water (leaving space for expansion), then freeze them overnight on a baking sheet and add to the plant stand to add some festive color.

5. Add variety to your dogs

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that summer and hotdogs go together, right?

But instead of – or in addition to – the same old toppings, try some of the following:

  • ⬥ napa cabbage with scallions
  • ⬥ purple cabbage and carrots
  • ⬥ cucumbers and radishes

You might find a new favorite!

6. Flatware containers

Use decorated Mason jars for your flatware items to make it fast and easy for guests to grab their utensils as they load up their plates.

7. Beverage station

Instead of putting the drinks at one end of the food table, set aside a separate table for the drinks.

This gives people the opportunity to stand around and chat as they mix their drinks rather than rushing through the buffet line.

Add a large metal pail to help keep bottles and cans frosty, without guests needing to rummage through a cooler.

Then, as you see the drinks disappearing from the pail you can add more ice and drinks from the coolers stashed under the beverage table.

8. Floating flowers

Float black-eyed Susans and zinnias together with floating candles inside a birdbath to create a simple, but elegant water feature for your backyard party.

9. Outdoor essentials

Set out bugspray, sunscreen, handwipes in a large basket and if it starts to get cooler, light blankets for guests to use as needed.

10. Color-block votives

Use colorful acrylic paint on dollar-store candle holders to create cheap, easy and pretty table decorations.

11. Create a picnic area

Lay out rugs, pillows, picnic blankets and poufs where guests can kick back and relax.

12. Use real dishware

Finally, instead of flimsy paper plates, opt for reusable dishware in fun, bright colors.

13. Set the mood

Finally, add something like “bring your swimsuits” to your invitations to help your guests decide what to wear to the party and ensure that everyone has a great time.