Ways Home Security System Have Evolved in the Recent Years

From no updates to real-time notifications

Traditional home security systems were hardwired systems in the home. These alarm systems provided an audible sound to the homeowner. And only if the homeowner was physically in the house. But today’s systems have the flexibility of being accessible from anywhere and at any time using mobile or remote devices. Whether you are home or not, you will still be notified about your home security.

From standard monitoring to remote monitoring

We refer to standard monitoring as age-old surveillance cameras which captures all the moments around the house. But these traditional monitoring systems aren’t much use since they just capture and can be acted upon only after the incident has happened. Now, these cameras have an option to monitor from anywhere using your tablet, mobile devices or laptops. So instead of taking an action after the incident you can monitor and be alert immediately. . Thus, you can take immediate action if an incident occurs.

From Intercom calls to access control systems

Intercom systems have had major advancements for people living in gated communities. Initially, for every visitor’s entry, there were numerous intercom calls from the main gate which is annoying for the resident. Then next came the biometric systems which added value, but it was still difficult to authorize the delivery folks or other visitors.

The latest system is the app-based visitor management system which can be accessed using a smartphone. The main control remains with the mobile device which keeps communicating about the visitor’s entry with the residents. It replaces the need for calls because the resident can directly approve or reject the entry with one tap of their phone.

From alarm detectors to medical assisted detectors

Earlier detectors were meant to detect the problem and caution or alert the homeowner about the specific problem. There are multiple detectors for different purposes like smoke detectors that detect fire and detectors for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Today’s detectors can come as a comprehensive system. And they also have medical assistance which notifies both the homeowner and the respective department about the danger. In such cases, before you react or reach out to someone your detector must have already done the job for you.

From professional systems to DIY Systems

Initially, all security systems came with bulky hardware or servers which was manageable only by the professional of the company who installed the home security system. But today, the DIY (Do it yourself) home security systems are popular. These systems do not require a professional to handle or install the system. You can easily set up the installation using the manual and can customize to your requirements.

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