Most Durable Roofing Materials and Which One is Right for You

1.Plastic polymer

If durability is what you are aiming for then definitely go for plastic polymer, said to last over 50 years. Not only are they extremely durable in even the harshest weather, but plastic polymer roofings are also energy sufficient. This means that they do not absorb energy, but rather reflect it. So, forget about sweating in summer or freezing in winter! Nevertheless, many try to sustain from this material due to its unsustainability. One way to be friendlier to the environment and still choosing plastic polymer is by looking around for companies that use only materials which are recycled.

2. Metal

There are many perks of opting for metal when repairing or replacing a roof. Most commonly witnessed as the main feature of different barns, sheds and utility buildings, more and more homeowners decide to go for metal as a cost-efficient, yet durable choice. Another perk of a metal roof is that it is highly customizable and extremely lightweight. Most metal roofs out there are with shingles and panels, and homeowners can be sure that the durability will exceed 30 years. Copper, one of the oldest metals out there are one of the most practical (as well as beautiful) materials used for roofing. Experienced copper roof installers can apply the material to either a new or existing roof. The only drawback of a metal roof is that it can conduct heat extremely effectively which proves to be a nuisance, especially in the summer times. However, with the help of insulation, the problem can be solved.

Most Durable Roofing Materials and Which One is Right for You

3.Solar glass

On the other side of the spectrum when it comes to sustainability is solar glass, a roofing material which instead of reflecting energy generates its own. Also, it is considered as an incredibly durable material which usually comes with a tile warranty for life. Even though many homeowners consider a costly investment, it is absolutely worth the expense to install. Solar shingles work in the manner that they capture the rays of the sun and transform it into electricity. Even though their appearance is quite unconventional (it is usually in a purplish or back coloured hue), Tesla Solar has released a couple of different styles which resemble traditional roofs.

4. Asphalt shingles

The most common and the most cost-efficient roofing material on this list is asphalt shingles. Even though they are seemingly durable and may last up until 30 years, homeowners are advised to be careful when purchasing for the roofing materials. Most importantly, look for quality shingles at a decent price and a high hail rating. Because asphalt shingles are the most common material, the quality may not be the best and it may vary from one manufacturer to the other. Even though asphalt shingles aren’t as pleasing to the eye, they can be customized to the homeowners liking by using a laminate coating. Plus, algae buildup may be reduced and completely avoided by the assistance of zinc plating. Nevertheless, homeowners should remain aware that these specialty features will bump up the affordability of the roofing option.

5. Wood

Another type of roofing material which homeowners may choose from, and arguably the most beautiful one on the list is wood. Trees such as cypress, pine, redwood and western red cedar are the most common for providing material for wood tiles, however many other options are available as well. The biggest perk of choosing wood as roofing material lies in its incredible sustainability and durability. Wood is usually sustainably harvested, and each tree used for wood shakes is replaced by a new one. Also, a wood roof is easily recyclable! However, many homeowners try to avoid wood as the material for roofs, due to the fear of termites or other insects. Fortunately, the wood which most manufacturers provide is insect repellent and it can also be treated against termites if the homeowner requires it. Above all, with the powerful combination of sustainability, durability and aesthetic appeal, it is no wonder that many homeowners still choose wood roofing.

In summary, fixing or replacing the roofing materials can be a tedious and frequently dangerous job which requires the assistance of a professional. Make sure to act on time and choose the best possible materials suitable for your home.

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