Soothing Home Colors and Design Ideas to Help You Calm Down

If you’re looking for colorful interior design ideas for your next home redecoration, then we got you covered. Check out these soothing home colors and home designs that can make all the difference between a good-looking home or your next sanctuary of serenity.


Soothing Home Colors and Design Ideas to Help You Calm Down

Blue is the color of calm oceans and clear blue skies. The color blue has always been associated with relaxation. According to a study on SAGE Journals, the color blue (especially its lighter shades) calms the mind and helps with concentration. Use blue’s relaxing properties by adding a soft blue couch with a matching armchair set. You can even use blue in the living room as well to add a calming visual pop in the room.

Whichever way you look at it, blue should always be one of your go-to colors when you want to have a calm and relaxing home.


Soothing Home Colors and Design Ideas to Help You Calm Down
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Grey’s association with dull and lifeless concrete fails to show how relaxing the color grey is. It’s a neutral color, which means it can fit perfectly with all other home colors and design elements in your home. In order to create a soothing home, make sure to stick to the lighter shades of grey instead of the darker and harder ones. Pick a shade of grey that has a soft, pearl-like tone. Think silver but darker, and you’re sure to have a space that helps you calm down and unwind.


Soothing Home Colors and Design Ideas to Help You Calm Down
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Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year this 2019. It is vibrant yet mellow, and a great option if you want a beach vibe in one of your bedrooms. If you live in a condo, it’s the perfect color for your small condo living room. Its vibrancy can make your small condo more open yet mellow at the same time.

Take it from Pantone and consider using coral in your next home painting job.


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Pink is a bright and vibrant color, which may not be a good choice if you’re looking to have a relaxing home. However, similar to grey, you only need to pick the right shade to create a soothing vibe at home. Stick to the more pastel variations of pink. It melds well with grey too so why not get double the relaxation and use both?


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There’s a good reason as to why we feel more calm and relaxed when we are around nature. Green has long been associated with calm and relaxation. If you spend a lot of time in your living room, then why not incorporate green in your living room design and bring the natural color of nature inside your home.


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Purple may be associated with royalty, but lavender is its calming counterpart. It’s not just a relaxing scent or a beautiful flower; a muted lavender is perfect for colorful interior design ideas. It holds your eye yet not bold enough to overwhelm the rest of the room if you decide to use it. Pair it with wooden floor paneling and or a warm-hued carpet like beige and you’ve got yourself some perfect combos for the ultimate relaxation.


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Speaking of beige, this warm hue similar to the color of beach sand is also a very relaxing color. Painting your bedroom or living room walls beige can evoke a soft and creamy texture to your space. If you’re not a big fan of using beige as the primary color, you can use it as an accent color to darker shades of blue or even use it to enhance the deeper colors of various wood design elements in your home.

Beige can be relaxing and flexible, so don’t be afraid to mix and match with this one.


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Off-white is not entirely white, but not dark enough to be called beige. Off-white balances the stark qualities of pure white with a touch of dark hue that can lend a calming effect to your home. Its neutral properties are also perfect for mixing and matching colors and other living room decor ideas if you want to take that route.

Color combinations

There’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match soothing colors that complement each other to give off a more relaxing vibe and ambiance. Try out these color combinations if you’re looking to experiment with your room or home design.

Blue,  beige, and white

If you’re looking for a perfect trio for your bedroom that can relax you almost instantly, then look no further. Use soft or muted shades of blue as accent colors on white painted walls to cool down white’s inherent sharpness. Use beige carpeted floors to reduce the sharpness of white walls even more.

Blue and grey

Blue-and-grey is a perfect color combination for bedrooms and living room design. Use a deep or muted blue on the walls and soft greys on the furniture to add an air of mystery, class, and relaxation. The lighter and softer greys will stand out on the deep muted blues that provide the right amount of contrast to the overall space.

Off-white, coral, and grey

Coral may be Pantone’s Color of the Year, but it’s not the primary color in this color combination. This color combination is perfect for the bedroom. Paint the walls off-white while using a grey duvet or armchair to add depth. Finally, sparingly use coral-colored decor for a pop of contrast in the room.

Picking and choosing the colors of your home is never an easy task, especially if you’re looking to use color combinations that give the most amount of relaxation. With these base colors and color combinations, you’ll be closer in making your sanctuary of relaxation a reality.