How to create a Home Management System that Works for you

But if you’ve tried several different home organization methods and you’re still battling chaos every week, it can be easy to tell yourself that it just doesn’t work for you.

Well, it may not, but chances are good that you’ve been trying to fit yourself and your own family into someone else’s method.

A Home Management System For You

A better option is to build something for yourself and your own unique situation…from the ground up…and to do it slowly…organically…so it becomes a part of what you do, each and every day.

Begin by thinking about what you need to accomplish each and every day, week, month and year to come up with a bare-bones outline of tasks that you can fill in as you go.

Ask yourself what tasks are most important to you and your household and only add those items. 

As your home management system becomes second nature you can slowly add in less important tasks over time.

Keep in mind that your list should make sense for the time you have available and the needs of you and your family, so don’t create such a long list that you’re overwhelmed before you start.

Many people like to use a home management binder to help them keep track of the tasks that need to be done. 

Whether you choose to use a paper binder or create a digital one, the key to creating a home management system that works for you is to make it yours. 

The following categories are a good place to start, but remember…start small and let your home management system grow organically as you start changing how you manage your home.

Time management

One of the best ways to manage your time is to create routines.

A morning and an evening routine form the backbone of your home management system.

Daily tasks to add to a routine that make your home management job easier include:

  • ⬥ Making beds
  • ⬥ Doing one load of laundry
  • ⬥ Wiping down surfaces after use
  • ⬥ Dealing with the mail and any paperwork as it comes in
  • ⬥ Putting shoes, clothes, keys and other items away after use or before going to bed
  • ⬥ Handling clutter immediately
  • ⬥ Emptying the dishwasher or hand-washing dishes in the morning

Cleaning the kitchen after supper which can include:

  • ⬥ Taking out the trash 
  • ⬥ Sweeping the floor
  • ⬥ Spot mop where needed 
  • ⬥ Run the dishwasher or hand wash, dry
  • ⬥ Put away pots and pans
  • ⬥ Wipe down countertops, stove, and refrigerator

When you follow a regular routine you’ll quickly realize that it makes your life easier because things are done on auto-pilot.

For example, if you’ve set and followed a regular routine of emptying your dishwasher each morning, you won’t be discouraged by a sink full of dirty dishes when it comes time to cook dinner.

As part of your home management binder, include the following checklists: 

  • ⬥ Goal setting 
  • ⬥ Daily to-do list 
  • ⬥ Monthly calendar
  • ⬥ Week-at-a-glance calendar

Meal Planning and Preparation

Are you focused on trying to save money and/or trying to eat healthier? Then include meal planning checklists in your home management binder. 

  • ⬥ Meal plans 
  • ⬥ Food inventory 
  • ⬥ Favorite recipes 
  • ⬥ Grocery lists 
  • ⬥ Food inventory 
  • ⬥ Recipes to try

A money and time-saving option to consider is freezer cooking, however, don’t let the idea of a marathon cooking event stop you from trying this concept.

There are easier ways to embrace freezer cooking, such as cooking extra servings with each meal and then freezing the extra for another day.

Benefits of freezer cooking: 

  • ⬥ Eat healthier 
  • ⬥ Save time- just heat and eat 
  • ⬥ Save money – you’re buying in large quantities so you can take advantage of sales and/or bulk prices

Financial management

Next, include financial information in another section of your home management binder. Some things to include:

  • ⬥ Monthly budget 
  • ⬥ Account information 
  • ⬥ Bill and savings trackers
  • ⬥ Investment trackers
  • ⬥ Asset tracker

Cleaning, maintenance and repairs

Good morning and evening routines can help you stay on top of your daily to-dos, however, it can be easy to forget those cleaning tasks that are less frequent.

At a minimum, start with the following checklists in your home management binder:

  • ⬥ Daily cleaning routine 
  • ⬥ Weekly cleaning tasks 
  • ⬥ Monthly cleaning tasks 
  • ⬥ Seasonal cleaning tasks

In short, a good home management system is one that suits you and your situation. It helps you get things done when needed so that you can do what you enjoy.