4 Ways to Budget for Home Maintenance Costs

Congratulations! You’re now the owner of a new (or new to you) home! Of course, you realize that your expenses have only just begun, even though you may have already bought your home, right?

I’m talking about home maintenance.

When putting together your budget as a new homeowner, remember to include the annual cost of this very important element of being a homeowner.

Wondering what’s included in yearly home upkeep? 

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9 Things to Consider for A New Air Condition Installation

9 Things to Consider for A New Air Condition Installation

Nowadays, because of global warming, it’s normal for temperatures to oscillate between extremes of hot and cold. Thus, air conditioning units (ACs) have become increasingly important for favorable living conditions. Thankfully, due to technological advancements, these AC systems have become more abundant and affordable.

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The Most Efficient Way to Heat and Cool Your Home

The Most Efficient Way To Heat and Cool Your Home

Are high utility bills, wildly variable indoor temperatures, and hot and cold spots problems in your home? These are all signs that your HVAC system could be a lot more energy efficient than it is currently. Check out our article on the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

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Ep 004 – The Value of Maintaining Your Home


John and Beth are here to share with you their tips and suggestions, as well as interviews with industry experts, with the goal of helping you become a smarter homeowner. Once we buy a home, we now ask ourselves the question… Now what? Today’s episode focuses on the value of maintaining your home, including home maintenance and all the different things that we as homeowners need to do to maintain our home. Tune in for advice on everything from preventative maintenance to standard maintenance, what we can save, and how to improve the value of your home!


● [02:00] Standard care of the house.
● [05:00] Health and safety, including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
● [10:00] Maintenance and the value of your home.
● [13:00] Increasing your replacement costs if you neglect small 30 minute tasks.
● [17:00] How to be reminded of tasks which need completing.
● [22:00] Should you be doing these tasks yourself or hire a contractor?
● [29:00] Start with the basics to figure out the typical maintenance things you need to do from a preventative standpoint.


● Keeping track of home maintenance will add value and save time.
● The difference between doing the tasks yourself or hiring a contractor.
● How to keep track of home tasks which need completing.




How to create a Home Management System that Works for you

How to create a Home Management System that Works for you

Between work, family and extracurricular activities you can feel as if you’re pulled a thousand different ways.

When you have a good home management system in place, it can help to reduce the overwhelming feeling that comes with not having a plan.