12 Security Cameras That Can Help to Maintain the Protection of Your Home

12 Security Cameras That Can Help to Maintain the Protection of Your Home
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Fortify your home with biometrics

The best home security monitoring services have biometric systems in place, to fortify your front door or all  doors of your house. A biometric system uses a person’s unique physical traits such as a fingerprint, iris, or voice, to provide identification and access control to places under surveillance. With biometrics in place, you’re sure that the people coming in or out of your house will be people you’ve included in its database. Those who aren’t will have a hard time breaking in. Moreover, most secure security cameras have biometrics, to prevent unwanted people from tampering with them.

12 Security Cameras That Can Help to Maintain the Protection of Your Home
Photo courtesy of Henry & Co via Pexels.com

Outdoor cameras are your first line of defense

When protecting a home against burglars or natural disasters, the first thing you need to protect is the perimeter of the property. Having eyes outside can help you or your security cameras spot a potential threat in your property. And, if things escalate, they can request for a police dispatch.

That’s why you need to have the best outdoor security camera system in place. It should be dust-proof, waterproof (or water-resistant), has night vision capabilities, must be wireless (or at least has hidden wires), and can run on batteries. Here are some of the best outdoor cameras you can get:

V722W outdoor wireless IP camera with night vision

The V722W is a camera that can record 1080p videos at  both day- and night-time. It has an 88-degree field of view and can see up to 40 feet at night. Adjusting from day to night isn’t a problem for the V772W, thanks to its built-in IR cut filter. A neat feature in this outdoor camera is that it has motion detection that can capture still shots, in case it senses motion. And, yes, this camera is waterproof and dust-proof;so maintenance isn’t hard. Moreover, it’s easy to install via Wi-Fi enabled router and WPS joining button.

ADC-VC826 dome camera

Are you searching for a versatile camera? The ADC-VC826 dome camera could be your best bet. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its 2.8mm lens can capture a 108-degree view. It can even pan, tilt, and rotate, for good measure.

The ADC-VC826 can see in the dark up to 98 feet, depending on conditions. It even has a weather and dust-resistant housing. It’s tough enough to endure temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

ADC-VDB Wi-Fi doorbell camera Skybell HD

Want to see who is at the front door? Or maybe there’s a kid playing with it and it drives you crazy? Another must-have outdoor camera is the ADC-VDB. It’s a doorbell camera that can handle the tough outdoor environment. It can handle up to 140-degree Fahrenheit and is water- and humidity-resistant.

It’s also able to take 1080p videos with a 180-degree view. It has powerful night vision capabilities and can sense motion up to eight feet. In addition, the ADC-VCB has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to talk to whoever is at your doorstep.

12 Security Cameras That Can Help to Maintain the Protection of Your Home
Photo courtesy of Tuur Tisseghem via Pexels.com

See what’s happening in your house with indoor cameras

Did you know that 20 percent of the elderly pass away in their homes? Did you know that there are numerous elders abused in aged care facilities? That’s why the best home security camera systems must include indoor cameras to track intruders as well as the legitimate dwellers of the house such as your grandparents or their caregivers.

And, in case your elderly family members or anyone else in the family gets into an accident in your house while you’re away, most home monitoring services can request the proper authorities to respond to your emergency, as they see fit. Look at these home security cameras you can install indoors.

ADC-V620PT pan/tilt indoor camera

The ADC-V620PT is one of the best elderly cameras monitors you can buy. It allows you to pan/tilt to follow a person in the room from an Alarm.com account through a web browser or Alarm.com mobile app. It can save videos in H.264 format in either live stream or recorded footage. Moreover, it’s easy to change picture settings, like brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, sharpness, and  setting it up through Wi-Fi. With all these  features, it’s a real bargain at USD286.95.

ADC-V522IR wireless camera with night vision

If you have a 24/7 home security monitoring service, you’ll need an indoor camera that can see in the dark, and that’s the ADC-V522IR. Priced at USD123.95, it can see up to 15 feet in total darkness.

ADC-VC726 indoor-outdoor mini bullet camera

Listed for  only  USD103.50, the ADC-VC726 is a versatile camera that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can easily switch from day to night mode when its sensors detect a drop in lighting condition.   It can capture objects as far as 95 feet in total darkness; so you’re sure to see your elderly with the lights off. The ADC-VC726 even has its own motion detector and save its footage in the Cloud .

So if you want to protect your loved ones, particularly the elderly, from burglars, abusive aged care givers, as well as medical emergencies and natural disasters, consider installing a CCTV within the premises an absolute must. Moreover, give your home security system a boost with biometrics, to monitor who comes in and out of each room and the house at any time. With these in place, you can be rest-assured that someone is looking over your elderly, 24/7.