Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Below are some of the best tips you can follow when decorating a master bedroom:

Start With a Good Mattress

Choosing the best mattress for your master bedroom will make a big difference when it comes to comfort, and having a good night’s sleep. A well-rested body will provide more energy and improved focus the next day. But what makes a good mattress?

Mattresses come in different sizes, materials, and types. Choosing the best mattress will depend on the person’s height, weight, body shape and size, sleeping position, and presence of any medical condition, such as respiratory or muscle and bone problems.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks when decorating your master bedroom by starting with a good mattress:

  • – When it comes to decorating your master bedroom using a mattress, you have to make sure that the bed frame and the mattress are compatible. If you have an adjustable bed, you can choose from latex or memory foam mattresses, which are flexible enough that they can match the curves of the base. Picking high-quality foam will ensure that you can experience durability and support for many years to come. For a perfect fit, you can buy a mattress and bed frame altogether.
  • – If you are getting a queen-size, king-size, or California king-size mattress, make sure that the legs of your metal bed frame are fitted down the center. By doing so, you’ll ensure that additional support is provided.
  • – Choose metal bed frames that are rectangular in shape with legs on each corner. A box spring is a must if it will use a metal frame to ensure maximum support.
  • – Don’t rely on the mattress firmness level of your old mattress when buying a new one, unless you’ll buy the same brand. But even if you’re buying the same brand, their standards may change based on international requirements. This is because manufacturers use different standards of mattress firmness levels.

Incorporate Greens or Plant Life

Plants used as decorations for the master bedroom can make your space look lively. Healthy plants add texture, color, balance, and inspiration inside a master bedroom. They also help clean the air you breathe inside your room, making the atmosphere fresh and healthy.

Of course, aside from plant life, you also need to keep the space clean, which can definitely set the right mood for rest and sleep. Seeing green plants and a clean master bedroom makes a big difference when aiming for superior comfort.

Recommended Indoor Plants

Here are highly recommended indoor plants for high-quality and purified indoor air:

  • Lavender: This plant can survive indoors, given the right conditions. Lavender just need direct and bright light for a few hours daily.
  • Rubber Plant: This indoor plant has large shiny leaves. Because of the fun and beefy shape of this plant, placing a rubber plant in your master bedroom adds strong vertical interest. Just make sure it gets moderate to bright light, as well as constant moisture.
  • Lady Palm: This is a beautiful plant that can match your decor style. Lady Palm is a fairly easy plant to grow and prefers bright indirect light. It also requires a minimal amount of water.

Change Wall Color

Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Using the power of colors can help soothe your senses. Promote rest and sleep by using blue as the color of your master bedroom’s wall. It has been known to induce calm, wherein the retinal receptors (or ganglion cells) of the eyes are very receptive to shades of blue.

The other colors that are best for sleep include yellow, green, orange, and silver. Avoid purple shades because it’s a stimulating color. Also, avoid gray because this color tends to promote a sad or depressed mood. Red is an energetic color, which is not good if you want to rest and sleep.

Hang Something Inspiring on the Wall

If the wall above the bed is blank, you might want to consider hanging something inspiring, like a DIY art project that you can hang or attach on the wall. A mirror, whether small or large, creates a good focal point above your bed. Also, an antique or rustic piece of wood provides a stunning contrast against the smoothness and softness of your bed linens.

You can also hang abstract artwork or a large picture of a flower, or beautiful scenery. If you want to soften the look of your master bedroom, you can hang tailored and elegant fabric (cornice or canopy).


Decorating a master bedroom is fun and exciting. Hanging a piece of artwork, changing your bedroom wall color, incorporating plant life, and choosing the best mattress will definitely change the overall look of your bedroom, making it the best place to rest and sleep on earth.

About Author: Laureen Romes is a real estate appraiser who works by determining the current value of a property. She also provides tips on how homeowners can increase the value of their properties. Most of Laureen’s clients are homeowners who are planning to sell or update their properties. During her free time, Laureen writes articles on home improvement.