How to Capture the Farmhouse Look in Your Home Design

A few years back, you may have never imagined farmhouse chic would become as popular as it is now. It’s transformed to fit modern and even luxury spaces, as new elements mix with old. This design is beautiful for any home, and it’s easy to adopt with the right selections. Here are a few ways to incorporate it in your comfy abode:

1. Materials

Choose rustic materials that embody the natural charm characteristic of farmhouse chic. This selection includes unfinished wood, wicker and wrought iron. An unfinished pine table could become the focal point of your dining area, while wicker chairs add a quaint air.

Look for natural textiles like linen and jute instead of synthetics. Farmhouse styles carry a warm, homey feeling, and you want your fabrics to match this atmosphere. Slipcovers and knit blankets are often staples of this design, and they enhance a room’s softness.

2. Furniture

Farmhouse furniture is typically sturdy and laid back, embodying a carefree demeanor without being too unfinished. Think of hardwood chairs, wood tables with stone tabletops and distressed wood cabinets with antique hardware. Use wood stains to make your furniture look well-worn without looking run-down.

While your furniture pieces shouldn’t look as if you bought them all at the same store, you also want to avoid an inconsistent arrangement. Try combining different types of wood grains to create visual interest, such as rosewood with ebony. Check out thrift stores and flea markets for authentic goods that say “rustic” without trying too hard.

3. Flooring

You have a plethora of flooring options, most of which feature hardwood. You can even put a spin on your floors for some extra originality. For example, you could replace carpeting with wood-patterned vinyl to add a country-like feel without using actual wood.

Vinyl is low-maintenance and easy to install, and it costs less than real hardwood. You can even incorporate farmhouse tile by using terracotta or slate in your bathroom or kitchen.

4. Color Scheme

Nature-based colors are the way to go, and you can expand beyond browns and greens to do so. Pastels and light hues like tan and ivory aid an airy touch among the darker shades.

While you can expect to do a lot of mixing and matching with furniture and decor, an appealing color palette is still within reach. Two-tone cabinetry is an excellent way to experiment with hues, and you can even combine metal fixtures of different finishes.

5. Communal Spaces

The farmhouse style emphasizes community spaces like the living room and dining room. After all, gathering with friends and relatives is a staple of country living. Open-plan homes lend themselves well to this design — these spaces blend into one big area where everyone can commune. 

If your home isn’t open-plan, though, you can tie the two rooms together with similar design elements. Go for an aesthetic that’s both functional and attractive, such as apron sinks in the kitchen and industrial lighting in the family room.

6. Decor

Marry farmhouse chic with your unique taste to create your ideal decor. People who lived in older farmhouses decorated with whatever knickknacks they had around. The best design scheme steers clear of too much sophistication or calculated arrangements. Lean into practicality by repurposing items like glass bottles, weathered pottery or tin cans. 

It’s easy to travel into kitschy territory with vintage store signs and barnyard print tea towels, but use these elements sparingly. Many people with old farmhouses and homesteads wanted to make their places look nice without focusing on a country kitsch style.

7. Finishes

Aged finishes are abundant within this homespun style. Furniture and decor pieces with some peeling paint or chipped edges are perfectly fine as long as they’re still functional. Aging doesn’t only apply to wood — metal objects fit the bill too.

Doorknobs and light fixtures are small components within a larger scheme that can completely change the tone. Look for antique brass and bronze fixtures or create that weathered look yourself by stripping the finish.

Turn Your Home Into a Modern Farmhouse Dream

Your home can become the pinnacle of farmhouse style with these design tips. Anyone who steps into your abode will take a journey into nostalgia and down-to-earth living, and your house will stand out from the rest in a sea of contemporary and minimalist spaces.

About Author: Holly Welles is a home improvement writer hailing from Upstate NY. She runs her own blog, The Estate Update, where she shares tips on everything from renting to remodeling. You can find more of her work on publications including Today’s Homeowner and Apartment Guide.