7 Wall Mural Tips to Get the Perfect Look

Not only can it add a focal point to your room, but it’s also faster, easier, and more interesting than repainting or wallpapering your entire room. 

In addition, it’s the perfect option for renters who want to create a space they love without risking the ire of their landlords.

Here’s how to get the perfect look for your home with wall murals.:

1. Prepare your wall

You want your wall to be completely smooth and clean…especially if you’re using murals that are pasted on using glue or a self-stick adhesive.

Remove any flaking paint, fill in any dents or holes, then wipe down the wall. Next, apply a primer to seal the wall and then once dry, apply the base color. Choose a color that is light as some stick-on murals can be a little transparent.

Allow it to completely dry before painting or attaching your mural (approximately 2 weeks to be fully cured).

Tip: Prepare your wall(s) while you’re waiting for your mural to arrive. Trust me, you’ll be itching to put it up as soon as you get it, but wait until the paint has fully dried before applying your mural.

2. Choose your design

If you don’t want to commit to a particular design, go for a stick-on type of mural. Today’s peel and stick murals can be easily removed should you (or your kid’s) tastes change.

Or, if you move house.

There are hundreds of options online…just measure the dimensions of your wall and order what you want…it will be sent straight to your door. 

3. Peel and stick mural? Get help!

This is a job for two people, so get some help before you try to apply your wall mural.

When you receive your mural roll it out to straighten out the edges. Next, using a level and a tape, measure from the edge of the wall and draw a guideline that’s the width of the panel.

Then, moving from left to right apply each panel. Pull back a small piece of the backing, then start from the top of the wall near the ceiling. Peel back more and more, a little at a time, smoothing as you go downward, applying one panel at a time.

4. Make a statement

Want a sophisticated look? Look for asymmetric patterns in a myriad of colors and shapes. Like whimsical? Go for fairies, florals or unicorns…the choices are endless!

5. Put the spotlight on you

Have a favorite pic? Why not have it blown up and made into a mural?

It could be a recreation of your favorite painting…a cherished family vacation…your dream home…whatever…just make it something that makes you smile or gives you inspiration.

6. Use stickers

Instead of a mural with features that could be hidden by furniture, why not use stickers that you can place where they’ll be easily seen?

This is a good choice for a kid’s bedroom. A simple base color that will last for years can be dressed up with wall stickers that change as your child grows.

7. Fake a look

If you love the look of brick, marble or wood, but don’t want the expense or hassle of adding it to your existing wall, fake it with a mural.

The print technology has changed over the years…it is possible to find stick-on murals that very closely mimic the real thing.

Or, if you fancy yourself a dab hand at art, why not get really creative and paint your own design freehand, or using a masking tape/stencil guide instead? This is the perfect way to add a fun and personal touch when designing a kid’s room. 

Got a weekend to spare? Whether you choose stickers, wallpaper, or paint, we have plenty of ideas to get you started and tips on how to add your own mural. 

Not sure what kind of mural you want? Here are some mural design ideas.