3 Important Living Room Layout Ideas with a Fireplace

Face Furniture Toward Fireplace

Your fireplace becomes the focal point in the room when you place your largest piece of furniture, which is typically your couch, opposite from it. This is especially true if your fireplace is clad in beautiful brick, stone or any other eye-catching material or color. 

If you have a large room, straddle the couch with your loveseat on one side and a pair of chairs on the other. In a smaller room, use a reclining chair on either side of the couch. Both of these layouts will help to create a cozy conversation area with the fireplace as the center of attraction. 

The only time you should avoid having your couch directly face the fireplace is when the fireplace is at an angle in a corner. Angled furniture can create awkward spaces that are uncomfortable or difficult to use. In addition, a large couch at an angle in the middle of a room may not leave much walking space or allow for flow through the room.

Use an angled fireplace as a featured accessory rather than a focal point. Just like a television or bookshelf, it’s okay to place the fireplace off to the side of your fireplace as long as it can still be enjoyed.

Face Furniture Away From Fireplace

Some homes have fireplaces that are either in need of a cosmetic upgrade or aren’t functioning. In those instances, why bring attention to it? Instead, use your furniture layout to create a cozy space for entertaining, reading or watching television around the fireplace. 

Using a large and beautiful sofa as the focal point in a room makes sense when you’ve spent a lot of money and time selecting and protecting it. Just float two large sofas or a large sofa and two overstuffed chairs directly across from each other perpendicular to the fireplace. 

Define the space further with a large area rug, coffee table and end tables. Hang the television or some striking artwork above the fireplace and add a vase with fresh or dried flowers. This will help give the wall some visual interest.

Furniture Against The Wall

You should float your furniture in your room instead of putting it against the wall unless you have a small or narrow room. In that case, take advantage of the wall opposite the fireplace to place your sofa. 

To keep the room from feeling too crowded, try putting your side chair and end table against the wall on one side of the fireplace. You can either add another chair and table on the other side for a symmetrical look or use a large potted plant for variety. 

A small round coffee table works well in small or narrow spaces because they allow you to maneuver around the room easily. Don’t forget your area rug to tie everything together.

Why Placement Matters

Once you decide how you’re going to use your room, you can then determine the optimal location for your sofa, loveseat, chairs and tables. You need to feel comfortable in your space and have it function for you, your family and your guests.

 Keep in mind that the layout of your furniture with your fireplace can affect the way you move through the room, how balanced the space feels and how much of a focal point you want your fireplace to be.

Are you ready to try one of these layouts in your living room with a fireplace? Let us know what you think.

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