8 Easy Ways to Help Mom this Holiday Season

Let’s face it. Not everyone is easy to buy for.

Especially, grown-ups…

If you have one of those moms who are hard to buy for you’re probably pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to give her.

Fortunately, one of the best gifts you can give your mom isn’t found in a store, and it’s something that only you can give.

And that is, yourself.

You can help your mom have one of the best, most memorable holidays by giving her some of your time and your energy.

To help you brainstorm what would be the perfect choice for your mom, check out the ideas below.:

1. Decluttering and/or cleaning

Decluttering is a good idea no matter what time of year, but during the holidays it can be even more helpful to clear out things that are no longer needed or wanted.

After all, at least some of the packages under the tree will become new additions to the house, so make Mom’s life easier and volunteer to help clear some space in one or more rooms.

2. Help with shopping

Whether it’s gift shopping or food shopping, give mom the gift of time by doing some of the shopping she normally does. This frees her up to do other things or to take some much deserved time off.

3. Do the chores

It’s the rare person who LOVES doing chores, so imagine your mom’s surprise when you offer to do them for her!

4. Wrap gifts

If mom has done all of the shopping she’s probably pretty worn out, so offering to help wrap gifts is an easy way you can help relieve some of the stress she may be feeling. 

If she insists on helping, make things fun; put on some lively tunes make some hot cocoa and make some memories as you enjoy the time spent together.

5. Help with the decorations

If she hasn’t already put them out, offer to decorate the house for her. 

But don’t forget after the holiday…make yourself available when it comes time to take down the tree, the lights and all of the festive decorations.

6. Help with cooking/baking

Holiday cooking and baking is very time consuming. Help mom by volunteering to take over the desserts, or the sides. Not only will she appreciate the help, it will free her up to enjoy spending more time enjoying the holiday.

7. Entertain guests

Mom has enough on her plate without worrying about her guests getting bored, so if you’re having friends and/or family members over for a holiday get-together, why not offer to keep everyone entertained

8. Tell her how much you appreciate her

Finally, while you should tell mom how much you love and appreciate her every day of the year, during the holidays it can mean even more.

When stress levels run high – as they do during this time of the year –  thanking mom for all that she does will go a long way to helping her relax and enjoy the holidays even more.