How to Install a Window in Your Backyard Shed

Whether you’re building a shed from scratch or revamping an existing one, windows are a great addition that can not only change the look of your structure, but they can let in natural light and offer ventilation to prevent your shed from getting stuffy and hot.

These last two benefits are crucial if you plan to spend any time in your shed (e.g. it’s a workshop).


One of the first questions to ask yourself, especially if your shed doesn’t have any windows at all, is where do I place the windows?

Think about how you’re going to use the shed. If you already have (or plan to have) a workbench, if you want to work with natural light, this may be the area of the shed you want to install a window or two.


Now that you’ve worked out where you want your window(s), it’s time to gather your materials. Note that besides assorted power and hand tools, you’ll need:

  • ⬥ Windows
  • ⬥ Wood (2 x 4)
  • ⬥ Vapor barrier
  • ⬥ Caulk/sealer
  • ⬥ Heavy duty glue
  • ⬥ Nails/screws

Tip: If you opt for using a window kit, it may not have everything you need, so check before you begin.

Next, measure and mark where the windows will go. If they’re made to fit between the studs, then all you’ll need to worry about is the boards that go above and below the window (header and footer).

Otherwise, make sure you have enough 2 x 4s to create a framework for your windows.

Begin installation

Use a paddle bit on your drill to create a pilot hole for your reciprocating saw blade. Then, use the saw to cut out the hole for the window. Once you’re done, use a jigsaw if necessary to clean up the cut.

Measure and cut a 2 x 4 for the header and footer of each window, then hammer or screw into place. If necessary, add boards on each side of the window to provide support. 

Next, install a vapor barrier around the top, bottom and sides of the window. If you have it, tar paper is an inexpensive solution, otherwise there are products on the market specifically made for windows.

This is an important detail that will prevent water damage to your shed’s walls.

Now it’s time to install the window. You’ll need help with this step – don’t try it alone!

Have your partner hold the window from the outside, making sure that it’s level. Once it’s in position, secure it from the outside using screws. 

Next, prep the window trim with exterior grade paint or stain. Once it’s dried, use a heavy duty glue to hold it in place, followed by trim nails to secure it.

Finally, use an exterior sealant around the backside of each trim piece to keep rain and moisture from penetrating the window opening.

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