6 Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

6 Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home
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It’s undeniably essential that the look and style of your home should reflect your personal style and values. Nevertheless, keeping up with the latest trends in interior design can always come in handy. Along with well-established tactics for breathing new life into dwelling spaces, staying on top of trends as well can boost your creativity and inspire you with innovative ideas for a spring renovation.

By far, spring is the best time to renovate your home – it’s not too hot nor too cold and there’s plenty of daylight. It’s when everything around you awakens from winter sleep and fills you with fresh energy so you can take on a remodeling project while managing work and family as well.

In this article, we’re putting in our two cents on the best things you can do to revamp your home during springtime.

Let’s begin!

1.   Reorganize Your Storage System

If you’re like most people, you probably get the urge to do a deep-clean of your home with the first whiff of spring air. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reorganize how you keep everything around your home. It’s a great opportunity to establish a smart and practical storage system while you’re moving stuff around.

Basements and garages are obvious spaces that can store plenty of things, but they can’t work well if everything is just piled on. If you have a basement or garage, make a plan to renovate it and create a custom storage space. Even the area under the stairs can make a great pantry.

Instead of throwing away old rusty racks, try to fix and polish them. If you’ve never had any, make sure to take the time and build some unique storage shelves. They’ll maximize your storage area, allowing you to put away all the stuff you rarely use.

2.   Get Yourself a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is probably the best decision you can make for both your home and your wellbeing. You might have survived winter enduring stiffness and pain, restless nights, and squeaky noises, but come spring, you can change it all.

Educate yourself on the best mattress options that are available in your area. For many people queen size memory foam mattresses are the go to choice, but preferences will depend on each individual’s need. Speaking to a sleep specialist is a good option if you aren’t sure what to get as they can help you figure out what type of mattress is most suitable for your body.

Regarding your home, a new mattress will notably change the smell and look of your bedroom. Dips and dents are usually visible with old mattresses, and they often smell musty. A new mattress will do away with these defects and provide a fresh and inviting look to any bedroom.

3.   Bring in New Life – Literally!

One of the best ways to boost your energy and invigorate your home is to invite nature inside. Plants always create a positive mood in an interior, and they tend to refine any style, whether it’s elegant, rustic, cheerful, or minimal.

A good rule for which plants to adopt in your living space is: if it’s green and has leaves on it, it’s good to go! Jokes aside, the best plant types to kill the winter vibe include laceleaf, peace lily, areca palms, and sansevieria. Those are just some ideas – have fun exploring the world of flora and finding yourself new plant babies.

Spring is also a wonderful time to plant some fresh seeds in your favorite pots and immerse yourself in some home gardening.

4.   Hardwood Flooring Is Always a Good Idea.

While this renovating proposition might be pretty expensive and the most cumbersome on our list, it’s still a worthwhile investment in the long run. Hardwood flooring is never out of fashion. It invokes warmth and hospitality, and as for the pragmatic side, it increases the market value of your property.

Spring is the most suitable time for replacing your carpeting with hardwood floors or rejuvenating your worn-out ones by sanding and restaining them. It’s a challenging process accompanied by lots of dust and debris, so being able to work with your windows and doors wide open is a great convenience.

Additionally, fresh wooden floors provide an appealing “earthy” foundation for your indoor plants and reduce spring allergies that come from dust and pollen trapped in carpets.

5.   Upgrade Your Lighting

Pretty much every spring renovation idea involves brightness, serenity, and warmth. And one of the best ways to achieve this kind of atmosphere is by upgrading your lighting.

It’s time to forget a little about the ceiling-mounted fixtures (which we’re all so used to) and try out new ways to light your living area. So, instead of chandeliers and recessed lights, try floor and table lamps.

These kinds of lamps project light coming from an atypical direction, usually below or at eye-level. They are amazing for putting an accent on your favorite parts of furniture and represent not only a light source but also a prime design element because of their visibility.

6.   Brighten Up!

Finish up by rejuvenating your walls. While you’re at your spring cleaning, set aside some time for painting or wallpapering.

Get rid of the dark and grey winter tones and replace them with bright and vibrant shades. Our picks for this season are baby yellow and celadon green. They will open up your space, relax your eyes, and fill you with the much-needed vigor that winter depleted you of.

Use the fresh energy to get some new artwork to brighten up your home even further. Or, you can even organize a fun family project where everyone is involved in painting something with your favorite spring colors.

In Closing

We hope you liked our ideas on how to renovate your home during the spring months. Even if you don’t pick any of them, we’re sure you’re inspired enough to come up with something new and original.

At the end of the day, whichever project you decide to go for, rest assured that your home will be grateful for the care. It will reciprocate by providing warmth and serenity for your family.

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