How to Turn a Small Bedroom into the Master Suite of Your Dreams

We don’t always get what we want in life. For example, you might have been dreaming of a luxurious and sophisticated master bedroom for years, but all you’ve got for the foreseeable future is a rather tiny space.

If this is the case, take a look at some of our tips for turning a small bedroom into that master suite of your dreams.

Hide the Storage

Small bedrooms practically always come with small apartments. Chances are, you don’t actually have all that much storage space on your hands. And a lot of that space is probably to be found in the bedroom.

To make the room feel more like a master bedroom and less like a closet, go for hidden storage solutions.

For starters, utilize the space under the bed. Then, build a custom floor-to-ceiling unit on one end of the room. That’s where you can keep all of your clothes and any other items that need to be tucked away.

Be clever about how you store things. Dividers, hangers that can fit more than one item, and vacuum storage bags will help you save some space.

Make the Bed Your Centrepiece

Small bedrooms usually have room only for the bed and storage units, and not much else. That’s why making the bed the focal point of the room will take it up several notches.

Start with the size of the frame, and go for the biggest one you can comfortably fit into the room. It will also need a mattress to match, and this is the one item you should definitely splurge on. If you choose an uncomfortable mattress, you’ll only end up waking up grumpy and disheveled.

Make sure to choose a mattress according to your specific needs. For example, a good mattress for side sleepers might not necessarily be the best choice if you sleep on your back or stomach. If you have a partner with different sleeping preferences you may need to try out a few different options to find a suitable mattress that works for both of you.

On top of that, get yourself some fabulous pillows, pillowcases, bedding, duvets, and some bed decor. Several sets (all of which you love) can help you keep the room looking and feeling fresh.

Add in a throw that will elevate the aesthetics of the entire room, and provide some extra cozy vibes.

Accessorize in Color

Small bedrooms often benefit the most from a neutral color palette, with accents of color. This means choosing a muted tone as your base, so you’ll have neutrals for the walls and furniture. To add a pop of color, you’ll use a rug, a set of pillows, a lampshade, and the like.

Depending on your personal taste, you can go monochromatic, stick to a family of colors, or mix it all up. Bear in mind, however, that the space will be less relaxing if it’s visually crowded. You’ll feel more stimulated when your eyes are drawn to wander between different tones and colors.

If your aim is to make the bedroom an oasis of peace, an off-white on the walls and floor, neutrals on the furniture, and some earthy tones as your accents will be the most impactful choice.

Or Make a Bold Statement

If you’re looking for a punch in your bedroom decor, small bedrooms can be a great canvas for an accent wall.

You might choose a darker or a more vibrant color for this wall. You might go for exposed brick or woodwork, or choose to turn the wall into an art or photo display. Whatever you opt for as an accent, it can certainly draw in focus and interest with very little effort.

Depending on your budget, you can paint this wall yourself, or you can go for a more expensive renovation project. Don’t forget the accent still needs to make sense with the rest of the space, so tie it in one way or another.

Consider the Lighting

The way you light your bedroom can make all the difference, especially when the space is small. You want the light to be, well, light, but you don’t want it to be either too bright or too artificial.

The more natural light you can provide for the room, the better. Sheer curtains and nothing blocking the window is a good way to go.

As for the artificial light, keep it muted, at least in part. The ceiling fixture can be a brighter light source, while you can use a wall or nightstand lamp for a more subtle beam.

Both white and a more yellow light will work well, depending on which you prefer. Try them both out and see what works better for you.

Smell It and Hear It

Finally, you want your new master bedroom to have that something special, that atmosphere of luxury and sophistication you’ve been looking for. The easiest way to achieve it in a small space is with scents and sounds.

Choose a candle, a diffuser, or a room scent that evokes the feelings you’re looking for. You might go for scents that promote a relaxing zen vibe or a clean and crisp aroma. Make sure they are not too overpowering, though. You need to be able to fall asleep in this space.

Then add a layer of sound too. A portable speaker can be your savior here, as you won’t have to worry about finding the space for a sound system too. Whether you choose to blast your favorite artist on max, or go for a more subtle playlist of the “10 hours of crackling fire and rain” variety, make the bedroom your retreat from the world.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our advice has opened up all kinds of ideas in your mind. And hopefully, you’re eager to turn that small bedroom into a master bedroom worthy of your wildest dreams. Remember that it’s often not about how much you spend on decor but how you mix and match items and materials. All it takes is some vision and a bit of creativity, and you can amp up your bedroom no end.

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