7 Ways To Upgrade Your Front Porch

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Front Porch

Your front porch is not only an entrance part of your home. It actually serves a lot of purposes. You can use your front porch as a setting for gatherings. You can use this spot for some alone time or to sip tea with your neighbors and catch up. It can also be your living room’s extension and serve as the welcome area to entertain your guests. This could also be your kid’s favorite spot to do their homework, especially when the weather outside is nice. 

If your front porch offers you a breathtaking outdoor view of the mountain, river, or your own flower garden, the more likely you’ll find yourself or your family members spend more time on the porch. Sometimes, even if your front porch is small with no view, people will still love sitting out there. Now that you’ve realized your front porch is an essential part of your home, you may think of ways to improve and transform it. 

Enhancing Your House Exterior

Fortunately, upgrading your front porch doesn’t have to involve massive home projects and renovation. Little addition and modification can go a long way toward boosting the coziness your front porch. 

Here are seven ways you can upgrade it.

1. Install A Swing

Perhaps you already have regular seating on your front porch. To switch things up a bit, you can install a porch swing as an alternative to traditional seating. There are plenty of LuxCraft porch swings available, and you can choose accordingly to which one will go well with your home’s aesthetic. A porch swing can already make a big difference in your front porch’s overall appearance and comfort, so it’s worth considering. Don’t forget to put a few pillows and cushions for a cozier and more comfortable seating while you’re enjoying your cup of tea outdoors.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Front Porch

2. Tidy Up Your Porch

Before you engross yourself with adding more furniture and decoration to your front porch, consider deep cleaning it first. Get rid of any displaced items or junk cluttering your front porch. Some of these may include dirty shoes and other footwear, umbrellas, or soiled coats that were mindlessly left outside. 

These items may not be trash, but they still create an ugly sight on your porch. So, allocate these items back in their original placements and clean up your porch. Also, don’t forget to remind your household members that your front porch is not the right place to park your bikes.  

3. Apply New Paint

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home, including your front porch, is by applying a new coat of paint. Never underestimate the impact of a freshly painted porch. In choosing the paint, consider using a unique, surprising color to brighten up your patio. However, don’t forget to make sure it works well with your home’s aesthetic. Even a simple repainting on the old paint job can already go a long way to keeping your porch visually appealing and new.

4. Add Porch Drapes

Another exciting way to add a visual appeal to the current style of your front porch is by adding porch drapes. Drapes are not only for windows, but they can work on your porch too. If your porch has a seating spot, drapes will offer you some privacy or shade on the days when you’re in the mood to curl up with your favorite book.

5. Enhance Your House Numbers

Probably one of the unnoticeable things you have on your front porch is your house number. Why not give it some of your attention, freshen it up, and replace it with a new house number? There are plenty of options on how you want to display your house number, so don’t settle for the usual, boring one. You can even DIY your house number and personalize it to make it more stylish and sophisticated.

6. Be Creative With Your Flower Containers

It’s normal for some homeowners to add plants and flowers on their porch in an effort to enhance that space. But to add more life and color to your porch, you can be creative with your flower containers. 

Instead of the usual black flower pots, you can use other containers like old colorful glass bottles, old glasses, cans, or an old teapot. You can also try to DIY your current containers and paint or decorate them with new colors other than the standard black.

7. Install Outdoor Lighting

Some homeowners love to spend their quiet time on the porch at night and enjoy the view of the stars. To make sure the beauty of your porch is still visible even at night, consider adding outdoor lighting around your front yard and on your front porch. Not only will this make your porch glow during the night, but it’s also good for safety purposes.  

Wrap Up!

Making changes and adding a few upgrades to your front porch will not only add to your enjoyment but can also increase your home’s attractiveness and appeal. So, jazz up your front porch with these tips above. By the time you get home after a long tiring day, you’ll always look forward to going home and cozying up on your front porch.

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