10 Clever Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

10 Clever Indoor Herb Garden Ideas
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Love to cook? Then you already know that fresh herbs can take your cuisine from “good” to “freakin’ amazing”! 

But buying fresh herbs from the market can be expensive. And if you’ve forgotten to purchase that fresh basil for your famous spaghetti sauce you’re out of luck unless you’ve got some growing in your own kitchen.

Fortunately, there are tons of great ideas out there showing just how easy it is to create a bountiful herb garden, no matter the space you have.

Check out these amazing DIY indoor garden ideas that work equally well for herbs or indoor plants. Which one will you choose?

1. Hooks and rods

2. Upside down garden

Source: Curbly

3. Hanging Mason Jar Garden

Herb Garden
Source: Earthminded

4. Self watering garden

5. Ikea hack

10 Clever Indoor Herb Garden
Source: Curbly

6. Simple tin can garden

7. Vertical mason jar garden

8. Toaster herbs

9. Repurposed gutters

 Herb Garden Ideas
Source: 1001 Gardens

10. Herb tower

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