Most Effective Ways To Eliminate Smells in Your Home

Most Effective Ways To Eliminate Smells in Your Home

Take a whiff; that’s the sweet—no, maybe it’s rotten—smell of your home. Here are the most common smells you’ll encounter in your house, along with the most effective ways to eliminate smells in your homethat have no business intruding on your health.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is common, but it’s a smell no one wants lingering. No matter how far someone is from your door, the scent can travel and remain for an extended time. To help satisfy your senses, use a cloth and drench it in white vinegar. Ring it out, and then turn it in the air. Since the white vinegar is natural, it’ll help soak up the smell and have your home smelling like new.

Pet Odor

We love our pets, but there comes a time when we don’t want their scent in the air. Often, foul odor rubs off on you and your carpets when your pet touches them. A solution for this is to use some Vaseline or a vinegar-based product and wipe it into your carpet. Then, all you’ll have to do is vacuum it.

Bathroom Smells

If your bathroom smells, there’s a chance your filters need cleaning, or someone recently used the toilet, and the odor won’t dissipate. To fix this, create an air freshener concoction by combining two cups of water, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and ten drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix this all into a spray bottle and leave it in the bathroom for everyone to use.

Garbage Disposal

The following food scraps shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal: carrots, onions, or potato skins. These can clog your drain, and you’ll need to call a plumber to help fix the issue. Once the food begins to decay, it is difficult to stop your senses from noticing. Fix this issue by pouring borax down your drain with running water, and make sure to grind it.

Another way to rid the smell is to place your plug into the sink, fill it with three inches of water, and pour baking soda. Once in, turn on your disposal and immediately pull the plug. This will help create suction, and the baking soda mixture will help break down foods.

Garbage Can

If your garbage can smells, the best solution is to wash it out with warm water and white vinegar. If your bag is hardly filled but still has an odor, pour coffee grounds into the bag to help with neutralizing the garbage can smell.

You need to improve your indoor air quality. It’s essential to find the lingering smell that has invaded your home and immediately act on it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself left with an unfortunate smell. Follow the most effective ways to eliminate smells in your home to live better.

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