7 Smart Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Fall

7 Smart Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Fall
Photo by La Miko from Pexels

You might not live in a snowy area, but winter’s colder, wetter weather can be hard on your home. Not to mention the impact of higher heating bills on your wallet!

Now’s the time to start on those fall home improvement projects that will keep your house safe and comfortable during the cold months ahead.

Here are the best home improvement projects to tackle this fall.

1. Paint your front door

Few things add curb appeal quite like a freshly painted door, especially one done well. 

Fall is a good time to paint exteriors, especially before winter-like weather sets in. Taking advantage of the cool fall temperatures is an excellent way to cool off while also giving your entryway a fresh look.

This is a job where it’s worth the expensive of hiring a professional to ensure a smooth, drip-free finish in a color that matches your home perfectly.

2. Refinish or paint your interior molding or trimwork

When was the last time you painted the trim and molding in your home’s interior?

A coat of interior trim paint doesn’t just add aesthetic appeal to your home; it may also help control dirt and dust throughout the year. Painting your molding or trim can completely transform a room, especially when paired with a rich wall color.

This project is best left to a professional painter unless you’re an experienced painter yourself. Not only will a professional finish the job faster, but you won’t have to deal with drips or uneven finishes.

3. Install New Windows

When caulk and weather stripping can’t solve your window’s problems, you might want to consider replacing them before cold weather-and a higher heating bill-hits. 

If the following is true about your windows, you may need to replace them:

  • ⬥ Your windows are over 15 years old
  • ⬥ Frost or condensation often forms on your windows
  • ⬥ The glass reflects the outside temperatures
  • ⬥ The window frame has cracks or signs of rot

4. Replace an Inefficient Furnace

If your furnace is over 20 years old or no longer works properly, now is the time to replace it. 

Replace it with an Energy Star-rated model, and it could save you up to 20 percent more on your energy bills than with a standard model.

5. Install a Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for ways to save energy, installing a smart thermostat is an easy autumn home improvement project that will pay for itself within a few months. 

One of the great features of a smart thermostat is that it automatically switches to an energy-saving mode when no one is home.

6. Organize Your Garage

Set a weekend aside to organize your things and rid the garage of all the junk that you don’t intend to keep. 

Decluttering your garage may even give you enough space to park in your garage during the winter! 

7. Declutter Seasonal Items

Finally, continue to declutter inside the house and sort through seasonal clothes, hobby equipment and decorations. Donate or sell anything you do not use anymore and enjoy spending more time in your “newly spacious” home until spring!

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