6 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Cold Climates

Your front yard is your first impression to friends, neighbors, and passers-by. Some front yard maintenance is even required by homeowners associations or by landlords. In cold climates like New England and the Midwest, it can feel impossible to keep a front yard looking vibrant during the long winter seasons.

Landscaping is still an important investment for anyone living in a single-family home. Whether you’re an owner or renting to own the property, landscaping improves the curb appeal of your house and is a necessary form of preventative maintenance.

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5 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Replacing the vanity in your bathroom?

While you could buy a prefab one from your local home improvement store or pay a cabinet maker for a custom made one, why not DIY one from an old piece of furniture?

This can be a fun project that allows you to save money and add a unique touch to your bathroom. However, it’s important to make sure the piece of furniture is suitable for the bathroom environment and has proper water-resistant finishes.

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11 Window Treatment Tips the Pros Use

The choice of window treatments for every room of your house is practically unlimited. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be tempting to choose the simplest, safest choices.

But simple and safe can easily become monotonous and stale when you realize how much window treatments can influence the mood of the space.

The following tips for choosing the right window treatment solution for your space are some of the same tips that professionals share with their clients.

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