5 ideas on renovating a kitchen to keep it both child-proof and beautiful

5 ideas on renovating a kitchen to keep it both child-proof and beautiful

Families with kids know that it’s hard thinking about renovations that keep their kitchen child-proof but beautiful and modern. Kids are very active and since they like to explore, having an unsafe home could create problems.

Renovating your kitchen to be a child-friendly one can be a challenge. Still, if you make a good plan, everything will go smoothly. This guide will provide you with 5 ideas on renovating a kitchen to keep it both child-proof and beautiful.

Why is it important to child-proof your space?

It’s important for your children to be safe inside your home. That can sometimes be difficult since they always want to play and are not aware of dangerous stuff near them. 

Childproofing your home will provide your kids with a safe space to play, explore and it helps to prevent injuries. You can do it by inspecting potentially harmful things in your home and learning how to make them safer. 

1. Choose round edges 


If you are thinking about changing your countertops, choose the ones with round edges. That way the kitchen will be safer for your kids. They will be safer if any accidents happen and they also don’t chip as much as others do.

Also, think about the countertop material and choose something easy to clean. That way everything will always be clean and sanitized. 

2. Use shiplap 


A lot of people don’t know what is shiplap. Shiplap is a kind of wooden board, often used in constructing rustic buildings. By using it you will add a rustic feel to your kitchen and make it good for your kids.

Shiplap is easy to clean so it’s very convenient for families with kids. Also, it is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your kids making a mess.

3. Carefully set the appliances


When renovating your kitchen and trying to make it safe for your children, make sure you have all appliances set up properly. Here are a couple of things to pay attention to:

  • ⬥ Think about having a triple-glazed oven so it’s cool if your kids touch it 
  • ⬥ Put your microwave at the end of the countertop to prevent kids from reaching it 
  • ⬥ Make sure that the outlets are out of reach 

4. Install safety locks


Kids love touching and investigating everything around them and that applies to the cabinets as well. Since there are a lot of things that could break or hurt them, it’s important to have that section in the kitchen safe.

You can purchase safety locks in almost any hardware store and install them. You can use them on your fridge, oven, or dishwasher as well.

That way you will prevent them from hurting themselves. That way you can keep up your regular work orders knowing that your children can play safely.

5. Make a safe dining area


Having a sade dining area in your kitchen is important when you have kids. If your table edges are sharp, consider having a new round table or adding rubber corner guards. That will prevent any head injuries.

You can add a nice carpet that will add color to the room and make the floor less slippery for them to run around.  


Renovating your kitchen can be a stressful experience, especially since you have to adjust everything for your children. Still, with just a couple of simple things, you can make it work. 

Other than the already provided information, make sure you place sharp objects and breakable dishes in top cupboards so that the kids cannot reach them. You can also create a small play space so that they have their own section in the kitchen.

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