The Difference Between Regular and Pool Tile

Tile is a great way to add color and various designs to both your pool and home—from glass mosaics to sleek ceramic. However, with all the variations of tile available, certain kinds are best suited for specific tasks. If you intend to refurbish and remodel your pool, you should know the difference between regular and pool tile to ensure that the pool looks and functions properly.

Regular Tile

The most common cause of confusion between the two is the wide selection of tile available for bathrooms. After all, aren’t their functions similar? But the key difference is that normal tile options aren’t designed to be submerged in water 24/7. Furthermore, regular tile goes best with softer lighting and consistent, mild temperatures. This type of tile isn’t ideal for enduring the outdoor environment.

Pool Tile

Now that you know that regular tile is a bit more delicate, you can likely surmise that pool tile is much more durable against harsher conditions. Enduring rain or shine, fluctuating temperatures, and constant contact with water and chemicals, pool tile is nonporous and coated with a specially formulated glaze that acts as a protective layer against fading and cracks. This same glaze also improves the water resistance of the tile and makes it even easier to clean thanks to the smooth finish.

Common Questions

Now that you know the difference between regular and pool tile, you may have a few more questions in mind. For one, the price can often vary depending on the size and shape of your pool, the material you desire, and how many tiles you intend to use. However, whatever you end up investing will return to you by increasing the value of your property and even lasting decades before it needs replacing. And yes, you’ll still have your pick of material, color, and design for your pool, so don’t worry that you’ll be compromising on fashion for function.

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