Tips for Improving Your Swimming Pool

Tips for Improving Your Swimming Pool

Pools are incredibly sought-after amenities in the housing market. But for all their benefits, the maintenance of pools presents a bevy of challenges for homeowners to handle. To get the most out of your pool and ensure it stays in good condition, here are some tips for improving your swimming pool.

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Pool Maintenance Tips to Ensure Safety

HomeZada Open the Pool for the SummerPool season is upon us and there are some facts that need to be understood, as well as, safety tips that anyone either owning or participating in the use of a pool should understand. It is estimated that 300 children younger than five years old drown in swimming pools and spas and more than 3,200 go to the hospital due to pool injuries annually, US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In pools and spas, hair, jewelry and bathing suits can get caught in drain covers or limbs can get lodged in suction openings.  This causes problems as people and small children get stuck in these situations and some body parts can be held underwater by suction from the filtration systems causing death.

Reviewing your pool’s equipment and surrounding areas can help prevent some of these injuries.  Read More