Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

Best Ways To Improve Your Home's Water Quality

We all want to know that the water we drink and use in our homes is safe for ourselves and our families. However, even if you receive your water from a municipal source, there can still be many harmful contaminants that may affect your health and damage appliances and fixtures. Read on below to discover the best ways to improve your home’s water quality. 

Have Your Water Tested

A water quality index measures trace amounts of pollutants, such as lead, radiation, and pesticides. You should bring in a professional at least once a year to check for any potential contamination present. Any time you notice a sudden change in your water, such as taste or odor, you should also call a technician in right away.

Avoid Using Hot Water for Drinking & Cooking

Always use cold water whenever you need a drink or to cook. Running a hot tap causes contaminants, such as metals and bacteria, to dissolve into your water from inside your pipes. This can be especially dangerous if you live in an older home where your pipes may contain lead. 

Install a Whole-House Water Filter

Installing a whole-house water filter in your home treats water the moment it enters your home from the mainline. That ensures that you have clean and purified water when you need it. One of the best systems you can invest in is a reverse osmosis system that is incredibly effective at removing potential contaminants before they ever reach your tap.

Flush Your Pipes After Not Using Them for Awhile

You should let your faucet run for a few minutes before drinking or using water if you haven’t turned them on in a long time. When pipes sit unused after just a few hours, it becomes stagnant and starts building up impurities. Flushing them out first sends those contaminants straight down the drain. 

When you start implementing some of the best ways to improve your home’s water quality, it can help you feel happier and healthier. Removing those impurities can also keep your appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, running smoothly.

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