Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

In some parts of the world, many homeowners are already experiencing harsh winter weather. Are you and your home prepared for winter storms and tough conditions? Make sure you’re armed with these signs of winter storm damage to your home so you can identify and address any issues right away.

Roof Damage

Depending on whether the winter storm delivered a heavy layer of snow, you may or may not notice roof damage at first glance. Sometimes, a falling tree branch or hail causes damage to a roof and then gets completely covered by snow, which makes it almost impossible for the average homeowner to diagnose. However, if you notice water spots on your ceiling, any signs of mold, or hear water-dripping noises, you may have a damaged roof on your hands. You may need to hire professional help or manually clear some of the snow from your roof to prevent further damage.

New Cracks or Gaps

Always inspect the exterior of your home after a strong winter storm. The wind, snow, and hail conditions may have been enough to cause damage to your home’s siding or structure. You may even notice signs of external damage indoors as well. If you feel an abnormal draftiness or chill throughout your home, this may be due to a hole or gap in your siding. Depending on the size of the gap, you may need to call a professional to patch it and repair your home’s siding and insulation.

Water Pooling and Puddles

Water pooling around your home may be a sign of several winter-related hazards. For example, winter storms often cause power outages, which can drop your home’s temperature and cause pipes to crack and burst. If you notice puddles near any sort of plumbing, call a professional right away for an inspection and repair before the issue can worsen. Water pooling might also be a further sign of roof damage if water has entered and collected in your home from the roof.

Make sure you know these signs of winter storm damage to your home as we enter winter storm season in many parts of the world. You can prevent some of these common winter damages by preparing and protecting your home from storm damage in advance. Stay safe this winter with these tips!

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